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May 2nd

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青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Vacations and Travel

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?
Vacations Travel

Unit 8 How was your weekend?

Unit7 Where would you like to visit?

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Words and phrases

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

leave; swim; spend; not clean; work to work 1.Many students are willing _________hard to get good grades. didn’t clean 2.She___________the room yesterday evening. to spend 3.We are talking about where ________our coming summer holiday. is leaving 4.He _____________for Beijing next week. swimming in the outdoor 5.Class 4 had a great time _________ pool.

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Make your own original sentences with the given words and phrases
finish consider provide hang out wake up be willing to

注: 动词是英语中最活跃的词类之一,做句子时应考 虑到不同的时态、语态、句式、非谓语动词等.

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

What did I do on vacation?
Watch and Talk!

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

went to the mountains

went camping

visited science museum

went sightseeing

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

went shopping

rent videos

met Yao Ming and got his autograph

went bike riding

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

went to the aquarium

saw some seals

saw a big octopus

bought some souvenirs went fishing. watched a dolphin show

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

The end
What did I do on vacation?

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

14.met YaoMing and got his .went to the mountains autograph (lucky) (exciting) 13.went bike riding 12. rent videos
2.went camping (interesting and unforgettable)

things I did on vacation

11.went shopping
(tired but happy)
10.bought some souvenirs

visited science museum (educational) 7.saw a big octopus 4.went sightseeing (crowded and touristy)
6. saw some seals

9.went fishing (peaceful)

8.watched a dolphin show

5.went to the aquarium

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

What do you think of my trip to Suzhou? My trip to Suzhou was tired but happy, and the beautiful memory(记忆)

will last(延续) long.

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Did you have a great vacation? Where did you go on vacation? What did you do on vacation? How ? not bad / OK / tiring /educational / peaceful / fascinating/ thrilling/relaxing/ fun/ interesting/ exciting/ boring?...

I went to… I… It was…

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

a. We don’t mind how far we have to go. b. We also need to stay in an inexpensive hotel. c. We especially love hiking and swimming. d. My family and I want to take a trip. e. We would like to stay at a place with a big pool. a 3._____ c 1.____ 4.____5.____ d 2.____ b e

青 岛 市 城 阳 第 十 七 中 学

Listen and complete the sentences 1.Where does he and his f

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