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Who is your favorite singer or musician? Why do you like him or her?

He likes pop. He doesn’t care for rock music.
n. 流行音乐

n. 摇滚乐

band n. 乐队

e.g. Which band do you like? 你喜欢哪个乐队?


Listen to a conversation between Alex and Dave. Write A for Alex or D for Dave next to each opinion.

____ D The Toms must be popular. ____ D The Toms play pop music. ____ A The Toms’ music sounds more like rock. ____ D Listening to The Toms is a good way to wake up.

1c Listen again and take notes.
Band name The Toms California Five

Number of people in the band

kind of music

Pop music

Why Alex and Alex: Because it’s loud and full of energy. Dave like to listen to this band Dave: Because it will wake him up in the morning and make him happy for the rest of the day.

Ask your friends and parents what kind of music they listen to and why. How does the music make them feel? 1. What kind of music do you listen to?

2. Why do you listen to it? 3. How does it make you feel?

What kind Why do How does of music? they listen it make to it? them feel?

Friend 1
Friend 2 Parents

fan n. 迷;狂热爱好者 football fans

laughter n. 笑;笑声

beauty n. 美;美丽

record n. 唱片;记录 v. 录制;录(音) The machine is recording now. (v.) 那个机器正在录音。

1. forever adv. 永远;不断地 e.g. The little boy is forever asking questions. 这小男孩老是没完没了的问问题。 2. abroad adv. 在国外,到国外 go \ study abroad e.g. Are you going abroad for your holiday? 你打算去国外度假吗?

3. actually adv. 真实地,事实上 — in fact e.g. Actually, that’s not quite right. 实际上,那不完全对。 4. southern adj. 南方的 e.g. She lives in southern Italy. 她住在意大利南部。 5. modern adj. 现代的,当代的 e.g. What do you think of modern art? 你对现代艺术怎么看?

6. success n. 成功 — a great success; successful; successfully e.g. He had finally achieved success. 他终于获得了成功。 7. belong v. 属于,归属 — belong to (介 词)+人 e.g. The British and Dutch belong to the same race. 英国人和荷兰人是同一种族。

8. million num.一百万 — two million; millions of e.g. The population has increased from 1.2 million to 1.8 million.


Discuss the questions with a partner. 1. Do you have a favorite singer or band? 2. Do you have a favorite song? 3. What facts do you know about your favorite singer, band or song?

Garth Brooks

1. Read the passage and make notes or underline the main idea of the text. 2. After reading, write a short summary in your own words.


Read the passage and complete the fact sheet.
Country Music Fact Sheet Where it is from: ___________________ the southern states __________ of America What kind of music it is: _____________ country music

A famous country music place in Tennessee Nashville: _______________ A famo

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