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1—Jim,can you help me___my history. —OK.

A for B with C on

2 He is very tired after work, so he___early.

A plays sport B gets up C goes to bed 3 Either you or she___good with old people.

A be B is C are

4 In our shool,we usually___ at 7:00 in the morning.

A do exercises B do morning exercise

C do morning exercises

5 Rice and vegetables are good___my health.

A at B with C for

6 —What can your sister do?

—She can sing. She is good at___.

A sing B sings C to sing D singing 7 Miss Li is good___the students.It’s good___their study.

A at;at B for;with C with;for D on;at 8 They have___money in their family.

A many B any C much D few

9—How far is it from your home to school ? —It’s two ____

A kilometer B mile C minutes D miles

10 —Don’t___the teacher the secret,or she may

be very angry.

A talk about B think of C talk to D think about

11 —Are you ___today?

—No,I have a lot things to do.

A busy B free C happy D good

12 —Are you free___ January?

—Yes, I am.

A in B with C on D for

13—Is she your classmate___your cousin? —She is my cousin.

A and B but C so D or

124Most of the students in the___are 13 years old.They dance well.

A week B show C price D guitar

15 Jane likes sports. She wants___a sports club.

A join B joins C joining D to join 16 A___story can make you happy.

A funny B red C best D boring 17 —How old is you mother ?

—___is thirty three.

18 —What about the vegetable salad ? —It ___nice.

A tastes B makes C tells D brushes 19 —___do you take a shower ?

—At nine o’clock.

A What day B How old C What time D How much

20 My brother is tidy,because I often___it.

A clean B write C walk D finish 21 —How do the students get there ? — ____walk.

A We B They C You D I

22 Everyone in the room likes the ___boy.

A eight year old B eight years old

C eight-year old D eight-year-old 23 —How do you ___ the river ?

—By boat.

A join B show C ride D cross

24 I’m afraid of ___ late.

A be B to be C being D to being 25 It is not easy for him___ the car.

A to drive B drives C driving D to driving 26 —Do you want to get___here ?

—No,I___in a big store.

A a job; a work B a work; work

C job; work D a job; work

27—Excuse me,What’s the English for“10:45” —It’s___

A ten forty-five B fifteen past eleven

C fifteen to eleven D A and C

28 —Must I come here tomorrow?

—No,you can come ___today___tomorrow.

A either; or B either; and

C and; or D or; either

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