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Proverbs: ['pr?v??b] Time is money. 一寸光阴,一寸金。 Time is life. 时间就是生命。 Time flies. 时光如梭 Time and tide wait for no man. 时不我待!

What time is it? It’s …

4:05 four five

6:10 six ten 7:15 seven fifteen

6:25 9:20 nine twenty six twenty-five

9:30 nine thirty

What are they doing?

get up

get dressed

go to school

brush teeth

eat breakfast

take a shower

1a Match the activities with the picture.
1. get up ____ c 2. go to school ___ d 3. get dressed __ b 4. brush teeth __ f 5. eat breakfast __ e 6. take a shower ___ a


get up A: What time do you usually get up? B: I usually get up at six thirty.

take a shower A: What time do you usually take a shower? B: I usually take a shower at about(大约)…

get dressed A: What time do you usually get dressed? B: I usually get dressed at about …

brush teeth

A: What time do you usually brush teeth?
B: I usually brush teeth at about…

have breakfast
A: What time do you usually have breakfast? B: I usually have breakfast at about…

go to school A: What time do you usually go to school? B: I usually go to school at about…

1b Listen and match the times with the actions.

1c Student A is the interviewer. Student B is the interviewee. Ask and answer.

What time do you usually ......?

I usually...at ....

2a Listen to the conversation and
complete the sentences. Jim has ____ two brothers and ____ two sisters.

Jim’s family has ________ only one shower.

2b Listen again. Complete the shower schedule for Jim’s family.
Name Bob Mary Jack Jim 5:50 6:15 6:30 Anna 6:45

Time 5:30

Your time schedule Activities get up take a shower get dressed brush teeth eat breakfast go to school Time
6:00 6:10 6:20 6:30 6:40


2c Now talk about yourself according to your time I usually get up schedule. What time do you
usually get up?

at five fifty.


Wow! I never get up so early.

1. five fif + ty = fifty 五十 four for + ty = forty 四十 sixty seventy 想一想: 60 _______ 70 __________ eighty ninety 80 _______ 90 __________

2. always 意为“总是,一直” usually 意为“通常地,一直地” 频率词 never 意为“从未,绝不” I usually _______ (通常) get dressed at six forty. Jack is always _______ (总是) late. His grandpa _______ never (从未) goes to school.

an interesting job


radio station

radio show


go to work

Read the conversation in 2d. Fill in the blanks. time Activities get up at eight thirty at night
eat breakfast at nine exercise go to work radio show from twelve o’clock at night to six o’clock in the morning at about ten twenty at eleven

Role-play the conversation. Scott has an interesting job. He works at a radio station. Scott, what time is your radio show?

From twelve o’clock at night to six o’clock in the morning.

1. job与work 辨析 job是可数名词, 主要指有报酬的工作

work是不可数名词, 主要指要付出努力

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