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what things can affect my mood

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what things can affect my mood

Today just because some trifles, make very unhappy and listen to some light music, mood immediately a lot, I think, not worth back, what is the time depressed mood influences me? Is my own subjective consciousness, in time, things are objective and subjective attitude is my itself, you can control it, but if you put yourself in the subjective feeling, the objective thing to get rid of these things like a shadow pestering you, affect your mood, I admire those who saint, no matter size, are so calm heart, if not all, of the world of mortals, and how helpless. Perhaps nothing in the world can affect you, except yourself.

How to Stay in Good Sporcts

It is very important for us to be in a good mood. If we are in good spirits, we can study or work better. So we must learn to take care of ourselves and stay in good spirits.Here are some suggestions:

1. Relax and exercise every day.

2. Remember to eat healthy food and sleep well.

3. Talk with your friends, parents or teachers often. Tell them about your thoughts and feelings. Try to get help from them.

4. Get help from newspapers, magazines, TV or the Internet.

5. Before making an important decision, think it over.

6. Get back to your daily activities. It will help you bring back a sense of happiness.

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