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替代词it, that, one, those 熟读深思

熟读下列句子, 仔细体会划线代词的用法, 然


1.The Parkers bought a new house but

it(=the house) will need a lot of work
before they can move in. 帕克夫妇买了 一座新房, 但是在搬进去之前, 这房子还


2. I’m moving to the countryside because

the air there is much fresher than that
(=the air) in the city. 我要搬到农村去, 因


3. We’ve been looking at houses but haven’t found one(=a house) we like yet.
我一直在看房子, 但还没有找到一座我们喜欢 的房子。

4. Mr Zhang gave the textbooks to all the pupils except the ones(=the pupils) who had already taken them. 张老师将教材发

1. ___和_____都替代“the+单数名词”, 都 是 that it 特指, 都可替代可数和不可数名词; 但 ___ it 指前面提到的“同一”事物, 而_____是指 that 前 面提到的“同类”事物。

one 2. ____替代“a+单数可数名词”, 表示泛 ones
指; 其复数形式_____替代泛指的复数名词。

3. _______是one的特指,替代“the+单数可 the one 数名词”,相当于that;其复数形式 the ones ________,替代“the+复数名词”,在口语 中也可用those代替。当后面有of短语时,多 用that或those;当有前置修饰语时,只能用 one (s)。
4. one (s), the one (s), those都只能替代 可数 _____名词。

一、单句填空 用one (s), the one (s), it, that, those等填空。 1.The cost of renting a house in central Xian is higher than _____ that in any other area of the city.
1. 替代前面出现过的不可数名词the cost。

2. Helping others is a habit, _____ one you can learn even at an early age.
2. 作a habit的同位语, 句意为:帮助别人是一 种习惯, 一种从很小就可学会的习惯。

3. One of the most important questions they had to consider was _____ that of public health.
3. 替代前面提到的the question。

4. The ideal student is considered to be ____ one who is motivated to learn for the sake of learning, not the one interested only in getting high grades.
4. 泛指a student, 填不定代词one, 表示 “一 个为了学习而被激励学习的人, 而不是只对得 高分感兴趣的那种人”。

5. For _____ those who don’t have time to take a course, there are books that tell you how you can do things by yourself.
5. 指代the people“的那些人”, 也可用 the ones。

6. You must find the right courses. These are the _______ ones that have the least amount of work, the fewest tests and the kindest professors.
6. 指代the courses。

7. My father bought me a pen and I like __very much. it
替代the pen

8. We needed a new cupboard for the kitchen. So Peter made _____ one from some wood we had.
替代a cupboard

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