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熟读下列句子, 仔细体会划线代词的用法,然后将

1. If you can’t decide which of the two books
to borrow, why don’t you take both? I won’t

read them this week.如果你不能决定这两本书借
哪一本好, 为何不两本都拿去?我本周不看。

2. I invited Joe and Linda to dinner, but neither of them came. 我邀Joe和Linda
来吃饭, 但他们两个都没来。

3. There’s coffee and tea; you can have either. 这里有咖啡和茶, 你可以任选一种。

5. We had three sets of garden tools and we seemed to have no use for any.我们曾 有三套园林工具, 但似乎任何一套也派不 上用场。

6. Of all the books on the desk, none is of any use for our study.桌上的所有书中, 没有一本对我们的学习有用。


都 两者 both 都不 任一

neither ⑵ _______ none ⑶ _______

either ⑷ _____ any ⑸ _____

all 多者 ⑴_____

2.表示否定可说not ...either/any, 但没有 either/any ...not的说法。

3.none可指人或物, none 既可指前面的复数 可数名词, 也可指不可数名词。none一般要 接表示范围的of短语; no one只能指人 (=nobody), 不能接of短语。

4.both/all与not连用表示部分否定, 意为“并

灵活运用 一、单句填空 用all, any, none, both, either, neither填空,并说明其理由。

1. He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found _____ either of them again.
1. 指前面提到的his temper和his health这 “两者中的任何一个”都找不回了。

2. — Wow! You’ve got so many clothes. — But _____ none of them are in fashion now.
2. 由于so many clothes可知是指“多者”, 由but可知, 指多者中“一个也不”, 故填 none。

3. Jane was asked a lot of questions, but any of them. she didn’t answer _____
3. 根据but可知, 空格处是指a lot of questions中的 “任何一个”, 故填any。not ...any相当于none。

4. ___that’s important is that you are All doing your best and moving in the right direction.
4. 因all that is important 相当于 what is important, 意为“真正重要的”。

5. To know more about the British Museum, you can use the Internet or go to the library, or _____ both .
5. 指use the Internet和go to the library“两者都” 可以。

6. It was hard for him to learn English in a family, in which ______ neither of the parents spoke the language.
6. 由于parents指两者, 又由hard for him可知表示 否定, 故用neither。

7. — Which of the two computer games did you prefer? — Actually I didn’t like either _____ of them.
7. 表示两个电脑游戏中“任何一个”,我 都不喜欢。I don’t like either of them.= I like neither of them.

8. — How do you find your new classmates? — Most of them are kind. But _____ none is so good to

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