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熟读下列句子, 仔细体会划线代词的用法, 然 后将这些代词分别填入“归纳总结”中的空 格。

1. I don’t like this one, please show me

another.我不喜欢这个, 请给我另一个。

2. He drank another glass of beer.他又 喝了一杯啤酒。 3. He is ready to help others.他乐于帮助 别人。

4. She enjoys spending other people’s money.他喜欢花别人的钱。

5. Some boys are reading; others are listening to the radio.有些孩子在阅读, 有

6. He has two pens. One is red; the other is black.他有两支钢笔,一支是红的,

7. Mary’s here. Where are all the others? 玛丽在这里, 其余的都到哪里去了?

8. Of the three foreign guests, one is from London; the other two are from New York.在那三个外国客人中, 一个来自伦 敦, 另外两个来自纽约。
9. He’ll stay here for another two days(=two other days).他要在这里再呆 两天。

归纳总结 1.完成表格 单数 复数

泛指 another
特指 the other

⑴ _______ others
⑵the _______ others 不能作定语

说明 可作定语


3.搭配: some ...others ... 有些……有些……; one ...the other ...一个……(特指两者中的)另 一个…… 4.特殊: another用于“another+基数词(包 括few)+复数名词”中,与“基数(包括some) +other/more+复数名词”相当。

一、单句填空 用适当的代词填空。

1.After the student left, the teacher let ________student taste the water. another
1.在给老师送水的这个学生离开后, 应是给 他的“另外一个”学生尝一尝, 泛指若干个 中的“另一个”, 用 another。

2. I had noticed three hens running free in my hostess’s courtyard and that night one of them ended up in a dish on my table. ______villagers brought me goat’s Other cheese and honey.
2. 与招待我们的女主人相对, 拿goat’s cheese and honey来给我的应是“另外的”一些村民, 用 单个的other作定语。此题也可填Some表示 “有一些”。

3. You are a team star! Working with ______ others is really your cup of tea.
3. 由a team star可知, 与“别人”合作是你 所喜欢的事, 表示泛指的“别人, 他人”, 用 others。句中one’s cup of tea是习语, 意为 “某人所喜欢的事, 如某人所愿”。

4. Neither side is prepared to talk to the ______ other unless we can smooth things over between them.

4. 根据句中的neither side可知, 谈论的是两者; 指两者中的另一方, 即“对方”, 用the other。

5. I felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldn’t face _______ another day like that.
5. 指与前面提到的yesterday相似的“另 一”天。

6. Laziness, lying, stealing and so on are all easily-formed bad habits. However,

there are many _______ other ha

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