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第一部分 听力(25分)

Ⅰ. 听句子,选择正确图片。每个句子读一遍。(5分)


1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____ 5. ____

Ⅱ. 听句子,选择正确答案。每个句子读一遍。(5分)

( )6. A. Beijing. B. San Francisco. C. Athens.

( )7. A. Good idea! B. What bad news! C. It’s very kind of you.

( )8. A. Travel. B. Book. C. Blue.

( )9. A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. What a pity! C. The same to you.

( )10. A. Really? B. Good idea! C. Thank you. Ⅲ. 听对话及问题,选择正确答案。每段对话及问题读两遍。(5分)

( )11. A. He played the piano. B. He danced. C. He sang.

( )12. A. Traveling by plane. B. Traveling by train. C. Traveling by sea.

( )13. A. She is shy. B. She is polite. C. She is attractive.

( )14. A. To see Beijing Opera. B. To go to library. C. To stay at home.

( )15. A. Her teacher. B. Her mother. C. Her father. Ⅳ. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(10分)

( )16. Some western people don’t like the number ____.

A. 11 B. 12 C. 13

( )17. They don’t like the number because they think it’s ____.

A. small B. boring C. unlucky

( )18. When all the friends arrived, Mr. Smith asked them ____.

A. to have dinner B. to have a party C. to drink coffee

( )19. Mr. Smith invited ____ friends to get together.

A. 11 B. 12 C. 13

( )20. Mr. Brown said there were 14 people because ____.

A. his wife would have a baby soon

B. another friend was coming

C. Mrs. Smith was coming

第二部分 基础知识应用(30分)



A. excited B. sad C. worried D. disappointed

( your P.E teacher’s adv


A. see B. look C. listen D. obey

( -¥12,0000.

A. what price B. How many C.How price D. What much

( A. heard of B. heard letter C. heard from D. got from

( A. full of B. fills with C.fill of D. is fill with


( ) 6. —You ____ very happy this afternoon. Why?

—Because we are going to see movie.

A. taste B. sound C. look D. smell

( ) 7. The man lives _________, but he doesn’t feel _________.

A. lonely, alone B. lonely, lonely C. alone, lonely D. alone , alone

( ) 8. The teacher is worried ____________ his students’ final exams.

A. to B. with C. about D. of

( )9. —I'm afraid of the computer exam.

—_____ It is not difficult at all.

A. Good luck! B. Thank you. C. How time flies! D. Take it easy

( ) 10. Lily doesn't like the coat. Lucy doesn't like it, ____.

A. too B. also C. either D. as well

( ) 11. The little boy felt upset ____ he failed the geography exam.

A. why B. because of C. because D. what

( ) 12. The baby ____ cry ____ when he saw his mother come in.

A. no; longer B. no; more C. doesn’t; any more D. didn’t; any longer

( )13. ____ the way home, she found her lost purse.

A. In B. On. C. By D. At

( ) 14. Do you have anything interesting ________ us?

A. telling B. tell C. to tell D. tells

( ) 15. Lucy wants to have a ______ visit to the Great Wall. She is excited.

A. three-days B. three -day C. three days D. three day

( ) 16. —_______

— I’d like to book a standard room for one person.

A. What do you want? B. Welcome to our hotel!

C. Your name, please? D. Can I help you, sir?

( ) 17. He ______ ¥50 on the T-shirt.

A. cost B. paid C. spent D. took

( ) 18. My sister is looking forward _______ her penpal soon.

A. to meet B. to meeting C. meeting D. for meeting

( ) 19. Li Lei was running______ Michael was swimming.

A. when B. while C. after D. before

( ) 20 When Jane heard the news, she couldn’t help______.

A. crys B. cried C. cry D. crying


One day Jack went to a big dinner party. His coat was not good. When he went in, no one looked at him and no one gave him food. He was angry that he went home, and his best coat and then came back to party. Everyone stood up at once and came to meet him. Other guests him to the best table and gave him the best food. Then Jack put the food in his coat and said, “Please eat, my dear coat. ”The other people were very and said, “Why are you doing that?” Jack answered, “I’m asking my coat now. When I came here at , nobody noticed me gave me food. After I changed my coat, you gave me the best food. So you gave food to my coat, not to .”Everyone felt embarrassed(尴尬的).

( )21. A. any B. some C. few D. little

( )22. A. too B. very C. so D. such

( )23. A. wear B. put on C. to wear D. to put on

( )24. A. a B. an C. one D. the

( )25. A. take B. taken C. took D. takes

( )26. A. surprise B. surprising C. surprised D. angry

( )27. A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. ate

( )28. A. first B. the first C. last D. the last

( )29. A. and B. or C. nor D. but

( )30. A. I B. my C. mine D. me

第三部分 阅读理解(25分)


We are all busy talking about and using the Internet (互联网), but how many of us know the history of the Internet?

Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was set up in the 1960s. At that time, computers were large and expensive. Computer networks (网络) didn't work well. If one computer in the network broke down, then the whole network stopped. So a new network system had to be set up. It should be good enough to be used by many different computers. If part of the network was not working, information could be sent through another part. In this way computer network system would keep on working all the time.

At first the Internet was only used by the government, but, in the early 1970s, universities, hospitals and banks were allowed to use it too. However, computers were still very expensive and the Internet was difficult to use. By the start of the 1990s, computers became cheaper and easier to use. Scientists had also developed software that made 'surfing' (浏览) the Internet more convenient.

Today it is easy to get on-line (上网) and it is said that millions of people use the Internet everyday. Sending e-mail is more and more popular among students.

The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people's life.

判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,正确的填“T”,不正确的填 “F”。(每小题1分)

( )3l. The Internet has a history of less than thirty years.

( )32. In the 1960s computer networks went wrong easily.

( )33. Computers become cheaper so that many hospitals and banks were allowed to use them.

( )34. People didn't have enough software to get on-line conveniently until the early 1990s.

( )35.The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people's life.


One day, a boy had a fight with one of his classmates. He didn’t wait until school was over, and hurried home to his grandfather. He told him his story angrily. “He is really bad,” the boy said, “and I hate him.”

The grandfather said, “Let me tell you a story. When I was a boy, I, too, sometimes hated others for what they did…”

As the boy listened carefully, the grandfather went on, “There are always two tigers inside my heart. One is good and kind. He gets on well with everything around him. But the other is bad and unfriendly. Even the smallest thing will make him angry. He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’t think carefully because he always hates others. It is difficult to live with these two tigers inside my heart. They both try to control me.”

The boy looked into his grandfather’s eyes and asked, “Which tiger always controls you, Grandfather?”

The old man said slowly and seriously, “The one that I feed. I always feed the good and kind tiger, so I never hate others and seldom get angry now.”


( )36. The boy went to his grandfather ____.

A. before he went to school B. when he went to school

C. after school was over D. after he had a fight

( )37. The good tiger ____ everything around him.

A.doesn’t like B. gets along well with

C. isn’t interested in D. wants to eat

( )38. The bad tiger fights with everyone all the time ____.

A. because others wants to kill him B. because he wants to eat others

C. for no reason D. because others aren’t friendly to him

( )39. The good tiger can control the grandfather because ____.

A. the good tiger is much stronger B. the good tiger can get along well with others

C. the grandfather treats the tiger very well D. the grandfather hates the bad tiger

( )40. The writer wants to tell us ____ in the passage.

A. how to feed tigers well B. how to control our feelings

C. how to get along with others D. how to fight with others


Mr. Hunt came from a poor family. He had three brothers and two sisters. His father worked hard but wasn’t paid much. And his mother did all the housework at home. They were both able but they couldn’t get enough money for their family.

Mr. Hunt was in school for only three years and he had to stop to help his parents though he was good at his lessons. When he was sixteen, he came to the city and began to work in a small factory. He learned from an old worker and became a skilled worker. The old worker liked him and married his daughter to him. The young man did not have his own house and had to live with his parents-in-law(岳父母). His mother-in-law always thought he was poor and often chattered(唠叨). So the young man tried to save everything and hoped to have his own house.

It was one fine Sunday. The old woman wanted to have a picnic on the top of the hill. She told Mr. Hunt to drive her car. But sometimes she told him to turn left and sometimes to turn right. The young man had to listen to her. At a crossing the lights were red but she made him turn left. The policeman stopped them and told the young man to give his license to him.

“If I did wrong, sir,” said Mr. Hunt, “It was my mother-in-law’s fault(过错). She was driving the car though she sat behind me!”


( )41. The Hunts were poor because ____.

A. they were lazy B. they were too weak to work

C. they couldn’t make enough money D. they weren’t able enough

( )42. Mr. Hunt left the school because ____.

A. he didn’t like studying B. his family was poor

C. he wasn’t clever D. he hoped to stay at home

( )43. ____, so the old man married his daughter to him.

A. Mr. Hunt became a skilled worker B. Mr. Hunt was friendly to him

C. Mr. Hunt was paid much in the factory D. Mr. Hunt worked for six years there

( )44. The old woman was ____ to Mr. Hunt.

A. good B. bad C. friendly D. useless

( )45. Which of the following is wrong?

A. The old woman herself drove the car that day.

B. It was the old woman’s fault.

C. Mr. Hunt hated his mother-in-law.

D. The old woman told Mr. Hunt to run the red lights.

第四部分 写作(共25分)


1. His mother gets up at 6:00 a. m. every day. She is used to ____ up early to make

breakfast for the family. (get)

2. The weather in Beijing is not as as that in Hainan.(good)

3. --Tian’anmen Square is so amazing!

--Wow! I can’t wait ______ it . (see)

4. Helen is very ______. She hurt her head yesterday.(care)

a fine. (get)


6. He entered PeKing University in the end. The people in his village him. (为……感到骄傲)

7. —Mike felt sad because he failed his exam yesterday.

—I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s(使他振作起来)


, we should try our best to study.(总之)





1. 开头和结尾已给出,词数60—80。

2. 条理清晰,语句连贯,字迹工整。

Dear Xiaoming,

I’m sorry to hear that you areworried about your exams. Best wishes!



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