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八年级英语下册unit8 Section A 1a-2d课件

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Look at the picture. Have you read these books?

1a Have you read these books? Check (√) the ones you know.
___ Alice in Wonderland ___ Little Women ___ Treasure Island ___ Olive Twist

___ Robinson Crusoe ___ Tom Sawyer

Let’s learn the new words.

1. treasure n. 珠宝,财富 (不可数名词);珍藏品(可数名词) e.g. They went to there to look for treasure. 他们去那儿寻宝。 This museum has many art treasures. 这家博物馆收藏了许多艺术珍品。

2. island n. 岛(可数名词) e.g. an island 一个岛屿 Treasure Island 宝岛

3. classic n. 名著;经典著作(可数名词) e.g. I like reading classics. 我喜欢阅读名著。 4. page n. 页(可数名词) e.g. five pages 5页 on page 5 在第五页上

5. hurry v. 匆忙,赶快 词组: in a hurry (n.) 匆忙地 hurry to do sth. 匆忙地做某事; hurry to+地点 匆忙地赶到某地; hurry up 快点 赶快

6. due adj. 预定的, 到期的 e.g. The plane is due at London at five. 飞机定于五点到达伦敦。 I am due to speak tomorrow. 我预定明天讲话。 短语:due to 由于 e.g. a mistake due to carelessness 由于粗心而犯的错误

1b Listen and complete the chart.
Book Title Name Have they read it? Nick × What do they think of it?

Treasure Judy Island


wonderful fantastic

Robinson Sandy Crusoe Alan Little women

Kate Harry

√ √

1c Practice the conversation. Then talk about the other books in 1a.

A: Have you read Little Women yet? B: No, I haven’t. Have you? A: Yes, I have already read it. B: What’s it like? A: It’s fantastic.

2a Listen. Who has read these books? Circle the names. 1. Treasure Island Mark / Tina
2. Olive Twist 3. Robinson Crusoe 4. Tom Sawyer Mark / Tina Mark / Tina Mark / Tina

2b Listen again and write T for true and F for false. 1. Oliver Twist is about a boy who goes out to sea and finds an island full of treasures. ( ) F 2. Robinson Crusoe is a classic. ( T) 3. Tina thinks that Treasure Island is a fantastic book. ( T) 4. Tom Sawyer is about a boy who lives in the United Kingdom. (F )

2c Use the information in 2a and 2b to talk about the books.

A: Has Tina read Treasure Island? B: Yes, she has. She thinks it’s fantastic. A: What’s it about? B: It’s about…

Have you ever read these books? What’s it about?

2d Role-play conversation.

1. Oliver Twist is about a boy who goes out to sea and finds an island full of treasures. 《雾都孤儿》是一个男孩去海 边发现一个充满珍宝的岛的故事。 full of 满是……的;(有)大量的 e.g. The area is full of beautiful lakes and rivers. 这个区域有大量美丽的湖泊和河流。

2. Have you at least read the back of the book to see what it’s about? 至少你已经读过书的背面,了解了它的 大致内容吧?
此句中的动词see表示“(通过查看、打 听等)弄清、了解;查看、发现(信息或 事实)”。作这种用法时,see常接

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