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Fill in the blanks according to the article. used to, hear, call, with, from, abroad, change, not see, hope, success Sarah ______ ____ used to fight over almost everything with her parents. Later she _____ heard a song when she studied ______. abroad The song _______ changed her life froma country music singer forever. The song is ____ _____ _____________ called Garth Brooks, the most successful musician in American history. Sarah _____ hasn’t ____ the singer yet, but she has listened to many seen hopes to see him one day. of his songs. She _____

1. introduce v.介绍,引荐 introduce sb. to sb. 把某人介绍给某人 e.g. A: Who can introduce them to us? B: The man is Robert Pattinson and the woman is Adele. They are both famous in the world.

2. line n. 行;排 v. 排队 e.g. Please line up one after another. 请按顺序排队。 The ball went over the line. 球越线出界了。

Think of a singer or writer you know 3a well. Make a list of facts of him /her. Think of the following: 1. Who is the singer/writer? 2. When did the singer/writer first become famous? 3. How and why did he/she first become famous? 4. What famous songs/books has he/she recorded/written? When?

5. How many CDs/books has he/she sold? 6. How did you find out about him/her? 7. Is he/she still popular today? 8. Have you introduced this singer/writer to others? 9. How do you feel about his/her music/ books? 10. Have you ever played/sung his/her songs yourself?

Write an article about the singer 3b or writer. Here are some words and phrases you can use.

the first line in the song/book
the book/song was written/recorded by

enjoyed success in
successful song/CD/book

I listen to this song/read this book
when …

The song/book makes me feel …

1. 引用人物的一部作品,提出问题。 2. 作品来源并引出要评价的对象。 3. 有影响力的作品是什么。 4. 作品的影响。 5. 感受或受启发是什么。 6. 检查语法和词数。

I. Fill in the blanks with the correct words in the box. down, of, about, back, up 1. What do you think _____ of this dress? Do you think it looks on me? 2. The little boy was so hungry that he didn’t put his spoon _____ down at all. He just kept on eating.

3. She grew ____ up in a small town,
although she lives in a big city now. 4. For homework, our teacher told us to write _____ about our summer vacation. 5. At the end of the day, the bus brought us _____ back to our school.

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in brackets. 1. I _______ joined (join) the book club last month and I _________ have read (read) five books already. 2. I only _______ started (start) taking French classes last week and I ___________ have learned (learn) 50 French words already.

3. Tony ________ bought (buy) a pop music CD yesterday but he hasn’t ____________ listened (listen) to it yet. 4. They ___________ have listened (listen) to many songs by The Beatles, but they cannot _____ sing (sing

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