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一. 单项选择

( ) 1. Look! Those boys are playing_______ soccer.

A. the B./ C. the

( ) 2. Here is a photo _______my classmates.

A. at B. of C. with

( )3.Many people do not like summer because_______ very hot.

A. its B. it is C. it

( ) 4. It is 7 o’clock. Tom _____dinner at home.

A. is having B. have C. are having

( ) 5. Listen! Who ________?

A. sing B. is singing C. singing

( ) 6. --- __________? --- I'm a reporter.

A. What do you do B. Where are you C. Who are you

( )7. Bob has a job for you ______ a reporter.

A. for B. like C. as

( )8. This kind of animal is very shy, _______ please be very quiet.

A. but B. so C. because

( )9. I think koalas are _____ interesting .

A. kind of B. kinds of C. a kind of

( )10. That is a ___ story.

A. relaxing B. relaxed C. relax

( )11. --- Doesn't he come back ? ---________.

A. No , he is B. No , he doesn't C. Yes , he is

( )12. Please give the book ___me.I want to read it.

A. for B. to C. on

( )13.--- ______ ? --- It's cloudy.

A. How's it going B. How is the weather C.How do you like it

( )14.--- Hi,Peter. How's it going with you?

--- _________.

A. Pretty good B. It's raining. C. Hot and humid.


1、Do you want

2、Let’s (help) them with swimming.

3、Look! The children (swim) in the room?

4、Listen! Who 5、It’s ten o’clock, and they (have) classes.

6、Bob often 7、you 8、He is (listen) to music.

9、— Is Jim (clean) his room? ----Yes, she is. This is an _______ job,but a little _______.

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