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Despicable Me

The basic information
Chinese name:卑鄙的我/神偷奶爸 Foreign name:Despicable Me Producer Region:America Director:Chris Renaud Type:Cartoon Length of a film:94min Showtime:2010-07-09 Production Designer:Yarrow Cheney Language:English

Introduction: the cute villain Gru is willing to change his mind and he becomes the at-home dad for the three little girls. He cares a lot about the girls’ education things. It seems that this thief beginns to like the comfortable and warm family life, however, it is not too easy for him to retire. A lady spy named Lucy who says herself comes from anti-villain union goes to his place. She beats armless Gru down easily and takes him to their under-sea basement. Gru meets the president of the union Mr. Silas Pigu (bantered by the small yellows as “ass”). The union gives Gru who used to be a villain a mission to attack some villains. Let’s see how the at-home dad level villain becomes a spy hero to save the world.

Turkoglu is a terrible villain stole the big screen in Times Square, Las Vegas, a smaller version of a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.But his "cosmic first wicked" in the title but was young scoundrel stole vector pyramids and away, in order to regain the title, he began his plan to steal the moon, but he wants to shrink ray he was snatched vector , and found three little girls can sell cookies vector castle grounds out, they went to the orphanage, and use them to steal a shrink ray.However, during this period, producing little girls between Turkoglu and deep feelings, they do not get rid of them and start to compete with the vector to carry out a battle of the moon.

Agnes is the smallest of the three orphans that one, and two sisters in the orphanage each other, very much like the unicorn, bedtime storytelling like to hear Turkoglu, otherwise difficult to sleep. Is a lovely little girl. Edith was a naughty child, man with female potential, curious. Often get into trouble, unhappy Dean orphanage, but encountered an impasse is not discouraged, is a vibrant girl. Margot is three orphan girls in the oldest, she assumes the role of big sister, two sisters to slightly mature than that, is relatively small adult wisdom, she sometimes made to distinguish between matters of Turkoglu wrong.

Small yellow man, Turkoglu yellow soldier corps, composed by Dr. Turkoglu and Nafaliao with variant DNA, fatty acids and banana-like creatures capsule, wearing a blue strap dress, slurred speech, language Pidgin. Turkoglu helped steal the moon, but also the three girl friends, bizarre behavior, very much like Agnes, thinking weird, eccentric, but has a good heart. Because it is composed by a banana, so people love small yellow bananas.



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