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牛津7B 练习题

Unit 1 Controlling fire


( )1.Some students ________ forget _______ the lights before they leave their classroom.

A) must; turning off B) may; to turn off C) can; to turn on D) may; turning on

( ) 2. A hose-pipe is used ______________

A) for putting off a fire B) to put off a fire C) for putting out a fire D) by putting out a fire

( ) 3. His wife’s office is on __________

A) the four floor B) floor forth C) four floor D) the fourth floor

( ) 4. There are ______people visiting China every year.

A) two millions B) millions of C) million of D) two million of

( ) 5. Are there fire extinguishers ______ the corridor _______ the first floor?

A) in; on B) at; on C) in; at D) at; at

( ) 6. I have two uncles. ________ is in America , and ______ is in Britain.

A) One; two B) One; other C) A; the other D) One; the other

( ) 7. A long ladder is used to ______ people _______ a tall building.

A) rescue, from B) rescue, of C) rescuing, from D) rescuing, of

( ) 8. Hey! Be careful______ the broken glass.

A) with B) for C) to D) on

( ) 9. The sheepdog protects the sheep ________ danger.

A) from B) for C) with D) at

( ) 10. Our school will become _____________

A) nicely B) pretty C) beautiful D) lightly

II. 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. What is __________( breathe) equipment used for?

2. My sister does her homework _______(care), so she often makes more mistakes than others.

3. We don’t like raw food. We like _______(cook) food.

4. Firemen use a long ladder for ________(rescue) people from a tall building.

5. Have you ever seen workers _______glass?

6. Fire can be very useful and _________(harm)

7. People may be _______( serious) injured in the fire.

8. We would like them _______(play) games in the playground.

9. Working in a police station is kind of _______(danger)

10. I remember _______( see) her once somewhere.

III. 按照要求改写句子

1. Cotton can be used to make cloth. (改为同义句)

Cotton can be used for _______ _________

2. Don’t forget to turn off the lights. (改为同义句)

Don’t forget to _______ _________.

3. We use a breathing equipment to protect firemen from smoke. ( 改为同义句)

A breathing equipment is _______ _______ _________ _________ ________ __________

4. He got up very early to catch the early bus. (改为同义句)

He got up very early _______ _______ he could catch the early bus.

5. The workers died in the accident.(改为同义句)

The workers _______ ______ ________ in the accident.

6. People make cloth into clothes. ( 改为同义句)

Clothes ________ _________ ________ cloth.

7. Every day, they collect and burn a huge amount of rubbish. (改为被动语态)

Every day, a huge amount of rubbish _______ ________ and ______. (就划线部分提问)

________ do people use fire ________ ________?

9. Some students may not stand in lines before they go downstairs. (改为同义句)

Some students may not _______ _________ before they go downstairs.

10. There are two more books on the desk. (改为同义句)

There are ________ ________ books on the desk.

IV. 阅读

Traffic Accidents in Britain

Each year hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed on the roads in Great Britain, or rather, between 100,000 and 200,000 people are injured or killed in road accidents.

If you are in England and if you listen to the eight o’clock news from BBC, you will often hear news of road accidents. You may hear something like this, “On Monday evening, at about twenty to ten, a cyclist was knocked down by a truck at crossing of Oak Road and High Street in Croydon. The cyclist has died from his injures. Anyone who saw the accident please communicates with New Scotland Yard.”

Accidents are often caused by carelessness. If everybody obeys the rules, the roads will be much safer.

In Great Britain traffic keeps to the left. Motors—cars, trucks, buses and bikes must all keep to the left side of the road. In most other countries, traffic keeps to the right.

Before crossing the road, stop and look both ways. Look right, look left, and look right again. Then , if you are sure that the road is clear and there is nothing coming, it is safe to cross the road. If you see children, old people, or blind people waiting to cross the road, it is a kind act to help them cross the road in safety.

( ) 1. How many people are injured or killed on the road in Great Britain each year?

A) Between 1,000 and 2,000 B) Between 10,000 and 20,000

C) Between 100,000 and 200,000 D) Between 100 and 200

( ) 2. If everybody ________, the roads will be much safer.

A) walks slowly B) drivers fast

C) obeys the traffic rules D) doesn’t obey the traffic rules

( )3. In ______ countries, traffic keeps to the right.

A) a few B) many C) few D) no

( ) 4.Before you cross the road, you should ___________

A) walk quickly B) look both ways C) be sure that the road is clear

D) there is no car on the road

( ) 5. Which answer is NOT correct?

When _____stand by the road, you may help them cross the road safely

A) a little baby B) old people or blind people

C) traffic policemen D) teachers and students

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