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7B 练习题

Unit 2 windy weather

I. 单项选择

( ) 1. I think spring is the _______ season of the year.

A) best beautiful B) most beautiful C) much beautiful D) more beautiful

( ) 2. His school bag is much heavier than _________

A) you B) your C) yours D) yourself

( ) 3. We _______ fly kites in places along the railway line。 It _______ cause an accident.

A) may, should B) mustn’t, should C) shouldn’t, may D) needn’t, must

( ) 4. Tom’s sweater is not as _____ as Mark’s

A) expensive B) more expensive C) most expensive D) much expensive

( ) 5. Nowadays computers become _______ in our daily life.

A) important and important B) importanter and importanter

C) more important and more important D) more and more important

( ) 6. Gentle wind makes me feel ___________

A) comfortable B) comfortably C) happy D) happily

( ) 7. What _______ happen when there is a typhoon?

A) may B) can C) must D) could

( ) 8. They _________ a slide show about typhoons now.

A) watched B) saw C) are seeing D) are watching

( ) 9. A typhoon may ________ flower pots outside our flats.

A) blow over B) blow out C) blow from D) blow away

( ) 10. If you dial 119, the firemen will come _________

A) tightly B) suddenly C) slightly D) immediately

II. 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. The wind become much __________( strong)

2. The leaves are ________(fly) slightly in the wind.

3. It will be _________(rain) tomorrow.

4. I could see the children __________(play) football at that time.

5. Why don’t we go __________( swim)?

6. You can see ________(fall) leaves on the ground in autumn.

7. I saw many window ________( break) in the wind yesterday.

8. They are playing cards __________ (happy) under the tree.

9. A Chinese __________(fish) boat sank in the sea last Tuesday.

10. He has a __________ (slightly) headache yesterday.

III. 按要求改写句子

1. Mr. White had already been to England. (改为否定句)

Mr. White ______ been to England _________

2. Mary is taller than any other student in her class. (改为同义句)

Mary is ________ ________ student in her class.

3. There is little water in that bottle. (改为反意疑问句)

There is little water in that bottle, _________ _________?

4. The ship went down into the sea slowly. (改为同义句)

The ship ______ into the sea slowly.

5. Maybe they will get their football back. (改为同义句)

They _______ _______ their football back.

6. Would you like to go swimming with me ?(回答问题)

Yes, ______ _______ _____

7. What do you want me to do? (改为同义句)

What _______ you _______ me to do?

8. What can you see when the wind is blowing strongly? (改为同义句)

What can you see when _______ ________ ________ ________? 就划线部分提问)

________ ________ you _________ ________ you go to the countryside in spring?

10. Please don’t close the door. (改为同义句)

Please _________ the door _________

IV. 阅读

The sky is full of animals. They are kites. It is Kite Day.

Kites go back (追溯) to the old time. Once people believed kites could carry their thoughts to God (上帝). Many people flew kites above their houses at night.

Kites are fun. But they also have been of great help to men. Men have used kites to learn about the weather. Men have used kites in building bridges. Heavy wire (金属线) cable (缆绳) for bridges have been pulled across (被拉过) rivers with the use of kites.

Once a great American tied a key to a kite. He wanted to know about lighting (闪电). Do you know who he was?

( ) 1. Kites flying above the houses at night were to keep people___________

A) happy B) safe C) quiet D) comfortable

( ) 2. Which do you believe?

A) Today we fly kites for fun. B) Today we fly kites to keep bad things away.

C) Today we use kites to carry our thoughts to gods

D) Today we use kites to know about the wind.

( ) 3. How have people used kites?

A) Men have used kites to learn about the space.

B) Men have used kites to learn about the weather.

C) Men have used kites to learn about bad things.

D) Men have used kites to learn about the sky.

( ) 4. The main (主要) idea of the whole story is that _____________

A) people have used kites in many ways

B) it is hard to set up a bridge

C) animals like to fly kites

D) people like to do nothing but fly kites

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