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Unit 4 Forests and land

I. 单项选择

( ) 1.Metal _______ making machines.

A) is used by B) is used as C) is used for D) is used to

( ) 2. We use ________ to make bowls and plates.

A)clay B)sand C) oil D) leather

( ) 3. ________Susan _______Diana are from America.

A) Both, and B)Both, nor C)Neither, nor D) Neither, and

( ) 4. ________ trees, animals will _______ their food and shelter.

A) Without, lose B)Without, make C) No, lose D) No, make

( ) 5. ---Touch it, how does the silk feel? ----_____________

A) It’s soft and smoothly B) It’s softly and smoothly

C) It’s soft and smooth D) It’s softly and smooth

( ) 6. I’d prefer _________ to doing nothing.

A) doing something B) to do something C) do something D) to doing something

( ) 7. Belts and shoes are made of ___________

A) clay B)metal C) leather D) brick

( ) 8.The_______ bridge was made in 1976.

A) wood B) wooden C) wool D) woolen

( ) 9. His clothes _________dirty. He is washing ___________

A)is, it B) is, them C) are, it D) are, them

( ) 10. ---Your dress looks nice. Is it__________ cotton?

A)made of, made by B) made of, made in

C) made for, made in D) made from, made by


1. Chopsticks are made of ________ ( wooden).

2. This washing machine _________ (use) for a long time. We began to use it about six years.

3. Would you like a ________(wool) sweater or a cotton one?

4. I would prefer _________( go out) rather than stay at home.

5. We cut down trees to make _________(furniture) and paper.

6. Can you help Tom ________( finish) his summary?

7. My grandma _______(die) more than ten years ago.

8. They are wearing different _________(scarf).

9. We use silk for making ________( cloth)

10. The silk dress_________( feel) soft.

III. 按要求改写下列句子

1.I like English better than other subjects. (改为同义句)

I _________English ________ other subjects.

2.People use metal for making forks. (改为同义句)

Forks _______ _________ of metal.

3.The girl’就划线部分提问)

_________ __________ the girl’s sweater ________?

4. People use animal skins to make leather. ( 改为一般疑问句)

_________people ________ animal skins to make leather?

5. Cotton is used to make warm clothes. (改为同义句)

Cotton is used _________ __________ warm clothes.

6. Farmers provide us with vegetables and food. (改为同义句)

Farmers provide us ___________ _____________ __________ __________

7. It is a woolen sweater. (改为同义句)

The sweater is ________ __________ ___________ (就划线部分提问)

_________ is the table covered with?

9. These toy cars are made of plastic. (改为否定句)

These toy cars _________ made of plastic.

10. They have to write a summary. (改为反意疑问句)

They have to write a summary, ___________ ____________?

IV. 完型填空

Have you ever planted a few trees on Tree Planting Day? Each year, millions of people, both ___1__, plant a lot of trees. But this may not be the best way to make your home a ___2___place.

Last week we visited a park in Hebei. We were ___3___ to find most of the trees had been burned. The workers told us that the trees ____4___ soon after they were planted because they weren’t watered well enough. ___5___ workers burned them to clean the place for ____6___trees to be planted this year. ____7___ a card found near one of the dead trees, a student wrote: “ I hope this tree will grow up with me to ____8___the backbone (栋梁) of our country.” The workers said that the survival (存活)of the trees was really more important than ____9__trees were planted. Some people in Beijing now have a new idea that they can donate (捐赠) money and let professionals( 专业人士) plant and ___10__ the trees.

( ) 1. A) students and teachers B) old and young C) boys and girls

D) mother and father

( ) 2. A) smaller B) warmer C) greener D) larger

( ) 3. A) pleased B) happy C) interesting D) shocked

( ) 4. A) died B) grew C) bought D) planted

( ) 5. A) Though B) When C) Because D) So

( ) 6. A) few B) old C) new D) dead

( ) 7. A) Over B) From C) On D) Above

( ) 8. A) need B) hold C) plant D) be

( ) 9. A) how many B) when C) how soon D) why

( ) 10. A) take out B) take down C) take away D) take care of

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