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Unit6an old man tried to move the mountain SectionB 2a-2e

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A fairy tale is an old, traditional 2a story. 把书名和图片相配。
1 2 3

2 __Sleeping Beauty 睡美人 3 __Cinderella 灰姑娘 1 __Little Red Riding Hood 小红帽

Let’s watch a video!

Watch a video then answer the following questions 1.What’s the name of the story? 2.Where did they live? 3.What do you think about the stepmother(继母)?

1.stepmother n. 2.wife n. 3.husband n. 4.whole adj. 5.scene n. 6.shine v. 7.bright adv. 8.ground n. 9.lead v. 10.brave adj.

继母 妻子; 太太 丈夫 全部的; 整体的 场;场景 发光; 照耀 明亮地; 光亮地 地;地面 带路;领路 勇敢的

Reading 1st reading: skim and 2b answer the following questions (2 minutes)
1.What kind of text is it? ( C ) A. a letter B. a short story C. a play 2.How many scenes are there in the play?( B )

A. six B. seven C. five D. one

Reading 2nd reading: skim and match the 2c description below with the correct scenes.
A. The children get lost. B. The children wake up. C. The children cannot find the pieces of bread. D. Gretel learns about Hansel’s plan.

E. The children surprise the parents. F. Hansel has to change his plan. G. The children learn that something bad is going to happen. SCENE ONE _____ G SCENE TWO ____ B SCENE THREE D ____ SCENE FOUR ____ E SCENE FIVE _____ SCENE SIX _____ F C SCENE SEVEN _____ A

Reading 3rd reading read and 2d answer the questions
1. Why does the wife tell her husband to leave the children in the moonlight? The weather was so dry that no food would grow. If they didn’t leave the children to die in the forest the whole family would die. 2. What does Hansel go out to get? He gets some stones.

3. Why does he do it in the moonlight? Because they’ll be able to see the stones in the bright moon. 4. How do Hansel and Gretel find their way home? Because Hansel is dropping white stones along the way. When the moon is shining bright, they’ll be able to see the stones and find their way home.

5. Why do Hansel and Gretel get lost the second time? Because they can’t see any bread on the ground. Maybe the birds ate them.

1. in the forest
2. the whole family

7. be able to

8. wake up
9. pieces of bread 10.on the ground 11.keep walking

3. make a plan
4. plan to kill

5. along the way
6. be lost


Listen and act out the play in groups of four.
Who is the best performer?

A: Did you hear our stepmother planning to kill us?

B:Don’t worry.! I have a plan to save us.
A:How can you help us? B:Be quiet! I’m going to get something in the moonlight.Now, go to sleep.

stepmotherplanned to _____ kill her and Gretel heard that their ________ her brother. But Hansel had a plan to _____ save himself and his sister. He went to get some white_____ stones before he went to bed last night. The next day, the wife sent the children to the _____. forest Hansel ______dropped the stones as they walked. Later that night, they could see the stones because of the shinning ______. The moon stones showed the way home. H

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