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七年级英语课件牛津版7A Unit6(Reading 1)

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7A Unit 6 Reading(1)
The fashion show

Task 1: Enjoying and answering
Questions: 1. What do you think of these children? 2. What do you think of their clothes?

What do you think of these children and their clothes ?

cool (酷的)

smart (时髦的) modern (时髦的)

colourful (色彩艳丽的)

Revision Clothes:
blouse shirt

boots tie

jacket trousers

cotton leather wool silk

Teaching aims:
1. Try to master the new words and important expressions; 努力掌握新单词和重要短语;

2. Learn to use different reading skills to get useful information from the text; 学会使用不同的阅读技巧来获取有效信息; 3. Students can use these words and expressions to describe their own clothes 学生们能够用所学单词来描述自己的衣服

Task 2: Looking and answering
Questions: 1. Do they look smart? 2. What do they wear?

Do they look smart?

What does she wear?

She wears a cotton blouse. (棉质) It is very popular. (流行的)

What does she wear?
She wears a silk blouse. (丝绸)

What does she wear?
She wears a wool sweater

and a pair of leather boots. (皮革)

What does she wear?
She wears a pair of trainer. (软底运动鞋) They are very comfortable(舒适 的).

? ? ? ? ? ?

cotton blouse. wool sweater leather boots. silk blouse. comfortable popular

n. 棉 n. 羊毛 n. 皮,皮革 n. 丝绸 adj. 舒适的, 舒服的 adj. 流行的 adj. 酷的 adj. 时髦的, 时尚的 adj. 色彩艳丽的

? cool ? smart / modern ? colourful

Read the text more carefully and match the words:
A A. years in history ____ (历史) E B. a kind of shoes that you 2. century (line 5) ____ wear for running F 3. colourful (line10)_____
1. times (line 4)

4. trainers (line 14) ____ B C. in fashion

D D. pleasant to wear, sit on , etc. 5. comfortable (line 18) ____
6. style (line 22)
7. cool (line 23)

____ C E. 100 years

H __ F. with a lot of colours
H. a particular design



Fashion show 时装表演

The Class 1, Grade 7 students are having a fashion show . Let’s see the clothes on show(展览) that day.

Task 3. Reading
1. Skimming(略读) and answering:
(1). Why do they have a fashion show? Because they want to raise money for

Project Hope.

(2). Who is introducing (介绍 ) the fashion? Kitty is introducing the fashion. (3). How many students are there in the show? There are four. (4). What clothes are they going to show? They’re going to show the clothes from

1970s to 1990s.

In different times(时代,时期), people wear different clothes in different styles(风格,式样). 1970s 1980s 1990s

2. Listening and answering:
(1) The Class 1, Grade 7 students have a F fashion show every week . ___ F (2) Sandy comes after Simon. ___ T (3) Simon wears clothes from 1980s. ___ (4)Amy wears a red blouse and a pair of F blue jeans. ___ (5) Young people like to wear jeans and T trainers. ___

3. Scanning(精读) and discussi

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