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Unit 3 Sea water and rain water

I. 单项选择

( ) 1. We can’t use a running tap. We use a mug __________.

A) then B) so C) instead D) but

( ) 2. We should keep our environment ______ and stop people _______ it.

A) clean, to pollute B) clean, polluting C) cleanly, pollute D) cleanly, polluting

( ) 3. There _____plenty of money and food for us to live in this city.

A) is B) are C) have D) has

( ) 4. There quarters of the earth ________water.

A) is B) are C) have D) has

( ) 5. They can have either a hot drink ________ a cold drink.

A) and B) or C)but D) to

( ) 6. Do you know the three ______ of the water?

A) forms B) kinds C) sizes D) shapes

( ) 7.We can save electricity _______ lights when we leave the room.

A) by not switching off B) by switching off

C) by not switching on D) by switching on

( ) 8.The baby will cry if you ________ his toys.

A) put out B) take off C) turn on D) take away

( ) 9. Forests ______ shelter and food _______ animals.

A) protect, from B) protect, for C) provide, to D) provide, for

( ) 10. I’d _______ to wear cotton T-shirts. They are more comfortable than nylon ones.

A) rather B) enjoy C) happy D) prefer


1. He enjoys _________(listen) to popular music.

2. They give us food _________(eat) and oil _________( burn)

3. We must stop ________(pollute) the river.

4. We can save water by not ________( brush) our teeth under a _________( run) tap.

5. Who is ______________(strong).

6. He is one of ___________(intelligent) boys.

7. Two _______ (three) of the students are from the south.

8. There will be _________(not) water if it doesn’t rain.

9. Nothing can live _________( with) water.

10. Why do you waste money _________( buy) things that you don’t need?

III. 按要求改写下列句子

1. The Sears is the tallest building on Earth. (改为同义句)

The Sears is the tallest building _________ _________ __________

2. Sea animals share the oceans with us as well. (改为同义句)

Sea animals share the oceans with us, ___________

Sea animals _________ share the oceans with us.

3. If we have no water, we can’t live. (改为同义句)

We can’t live __________water.

4. Alice is my good friend. Mary is my good friend, too. (改为同义句)

__________ Alice ________ Mary __________ my good friends.

5. Don’t run here. It is dangerous. (改为同义句)

You _________ __________ here because it is dangerous.

6. The bookstore opens at 9 in the morning. (改为同义句)

The bookstore ________ open _______9 in the morning. 就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ when we freeze water?

8. There will be some vegetables and meat. (改为否定句)

There _______ be _______vegetables ______ meat.

9. There will be a lot of rain this year. (改为同义句)

There will be _________ _______ rain this year.

10. I’d like cold drink rather than tea.

I’d like cold drink ________ ________ tea.

IV. 阅读理解

Green Plants and Deserts

Scientists are trying to make the deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the deserts, so people can live and grow crops. They are learning a lot about the deserts. But more and more land of the earth is becoming deserts all the time. Scientists may not be able to change the deserts in a short time.

Why is more and more land becoming deserts? Scientists think it is the people who make more and more deserts. People do bad things to the earth.

There is little rain in some places of the world. But these places don’t become deserts because some green plants are growing there. Green plants are important to dry places. Plants prevent the hot sun from making the earth even drier. Plants don’t let the wind blow the dirt away. When rain falls, the plants hold the water. Without the plants, the land will become deserts much more easily.

( ) 1. There is _______in the deserts.

A) little sunlight B) little rain C) too many plants D) so strong wind

( ) 2. More and more land is becoming deserts because ____________

A) people have done bad things to it B) it has rained too much

C) there are no people living there D) there is not enough sunshine

( ) 3. Scientists think that _________, crops can be planted there.

A) if there is enough water in the deserts B) as soon as farmers go to the deserts

C) if there is a big city near the deserts D) if the weather is good

( ) 4. The green plants can ____________

A) bring water into deserts B) hold water and stop the land becoming too dry

C) make land into deserts D) provide water for deserts

( ) 5. If there are no plants in a place, ____________

A) there is no rain there B) the land will become deserts soon

C) people won’t have enough food to eat D) the weather will be bad

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