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2014年人教版英语七下:Unit8 第一课时 Section A 1a-1c课件

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2014年春(四清导航人教版) 七年级英语
Unit 8 Is there a post office near here? Section A 1a-1c

一、核心词汇。 1.邮政post 2.办公室office 3.警察police 4.旅馆hotel 5.餐馆restaurant 6.银行bank 7.医院hospital 8.大街street 9.付费pay 10.在……附近near 二、核心词组。 11.邮局post_office 12.警察局police_station 三、核心句型。 13.—附近有医院吗? —是的,有,它在桥街。 —Is_there_a_hospital_near_here? —Yes,there_is.It's_on_Bridge_Street.


14.There is a bank on Renmin Street. 15.I want to go to the new park. 16.Is there a hospital near here? 17.Bob is on a vacation,he lives in a big hotel. 18.I want to eat something.Where is the restaurant?

五、单项选择。 19.—Is there a library in your school? —C. A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn't C.Yes,there is D.No,there aren't

20.Is there a B near here?I want to buy some drinks.

A.pay phone


C.bank D.hospital

21.—Where is the park? —It's C Bridge Street. A.for B.at C.on D.with

22.Do you want C home with me now? A. go B.to go to C.to go D.going 23.There isn't a shop B here. A.in B.near C.from D.on

一、根据句意及提示写单词。 1.Is there a post office__near here? 2.My father works in a bank(银行). 3.Let's go to a restaurant(餐馆). 4.Mr.Brown lives in a hotel(旅馆). 5.We can see lots of new things in the street(街 道 ).

二、单项选择。 6.—B_a pay phone on Center Street? —No,there isn't. A.There is B.Is there C.It is 7.I want to call the police.Is there a Cnear here? A.hospital B.yestaurant C.pay phone 8.—Is there a bank B here? —Yes,it's ________ Lincoln Street. A.on,on B.near,on C.on,near 9.There A two pay phones here. A.are B.is C.have 10.You can get money(钱)in the C and you can get books in the ________. A.post office,bank B.bank,garden C.bank,library

三、用方框中的词语完成句子。 post office,restaurant,pay phone,hotel, supermarket 11.Mr.White is on a vacation.He lives in a hotel. 12 . If you want to call , you can go to the pay_phone. 13.If you want to buy some food and drinks,you can go to the supermarket. 14.If you want to have dinner,you can go to the restaurant. 15.If you want to send a letter,you can go to the post_office.

四、按要求完成下列句子。 16.There is a pen in the pencil-box.(改为一般疑问句) Is there a pen in the pencilbox? 17.The zoo is near_here.(对画线部分提问) Where_ is the zoo? 18.There is a pay phone on Center Street.(改为否定句) There isn't a pay phone on Center Street. 19.Is there a police station near here?(作否定回答) No,there_ isn't. 20.Two baseballs are in the backpack.(改为同义句) There are two baseballs in the backpack.

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