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( )1. You look _________, What’s wrong ?

A. happy B. worried C. excited D. healthy

( )2. Changjiang River is one of ________ in the world.

A. the longest river B. the longest the rivers C. the longest rivers D. the longer rivers

( )3. She is ______ in the ______ movie.

A. interesting, interesting B. interested, interested

C. interested, interesting D. interesting, interested

( ) 4. _______ news! We all feel excited.

A. What a good B. How good a C. What good D. How good

( ) 5. His father ______ football, but he is______ basketball.

A. like, interested in B. is interested in, like

C. is fond of, interested in D. interests in, fond of

( )6. They _______ us and ______ the match.

A. won, won B. beat, beat C. beat, won D. won, beat

( )7. Tom is only 3. He isn’t _______ to go to school.

A. too young B. so young C. enough old D. old enough

( )8. Mr. Huang often makes us ________ notes.

A. to copy B. copying C. copy D. copied

( ) 9. Don’t make other __________ for long.

A. waiting B. wait C. to wait D. waited

( )10. She said Tom ______ school yesterday.

A. isn’t at B. doesn’t come to C. didn’t come to D. won’t come

( ) 11. Nobody ________ who she is.

A. knew B. knows C. know D. is knowing

( )12. You don’t look ________. What’s wrong?

A. healthy B. healthy C. healthily D. healthier

( )13. Mike ______ to bed until 12 o’clock last night.

A. went B. didn’t go C. goes D. doesn’t

( )14. I met Mr. Lee on the way _______.

A. to here B. school C. to there D. home

( )15. The girl ________ Lucy.

A. is call B. is calling C. is called D. called

( )16. Will you please ________ eat in class?

A. not B. not to C. don’t D. be not

( )17. The box is heavy. It’s ________ apples.

A. full with B. fill with C. filled of D. full of

( )18. She feels lonely because she has _______ friends here.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( )19. ______ weather! We have to stay at home.

A. What a bad B. What a good C. What bad D. How bad

( )20. --- Would you like coffee or tea? --- ________. I’d like a glass of water.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All

( )21. It takes me half an hour_________ to school.

A. getting B. to reach C. to get D. arrive

( ) 22, Mr. Huang teaches _________ English.

A. our B. us C. we D. ours

( )23. Mr. Huang is strict_______ us _______ our study.

A. in, in B. with, with C. in, with D. with, in

( )24. She lost her ID card and she didn’t know ______ next .

A. how to do B. what to do it C. what to do D. how do it

( )25. Don’t be angry _______ me _______ using your pen.

A. with, with B. at, at C. with, at D. at, with

( )26. Sorry, I can’t help you, but you may ask _______.

A. other someone B. somebody other C. else someone D. somebody else

( )27. The weather in Chongqing isn’t as _________ that in Qingdao.

A. cooler than B. cooler as C. cool as D. cooler

( )28. Sally has longer hair than _________.

A. Maria B. Maria’s C. Maria’s hair D. Marias’

( )29. He tries to enjoy ___________ with his friends.

A. be B. to be C. being D. is

( )30. If we ____, we’ll come over to see you again.

A. will have time B. have time C. are free D. Both Band C

( )31. --- Are you feeling _________ better? --- No, I’m feeling even __________.

A. much, ill B. some, worst C. a lot, better D. any, worse

( )32. I don’t know this word, I have to ____________ in a dictionary.

A. look up it B. look for it C. look it up D. look it for

( )33. I was born _________ the evening of February 19th, 1971.

A. during B. in C. at D. on

( )34. I saw a snake ___________ across the road.

A. lay B. lie C. lying D. lies

( )35. The bus can’t move ______________.

A. any more B. any longer C. no longer D. both A and B

( )36. It’s important _____________ us to keep healthy.

A. of B. for C. with D. at

( )37. It’s kind _____________ you to help me.

A. of B. for C. with D. at

( )38. There ___________ some exciting news in today’s newspaper.

A. am B. is C. are D. was

( )39. We’ll go on a ____________visit to Mount Tai.

A. two days B. two day’s C. two-day D. two-days

( )40. ________ Mr. Blake was watching TV , his son came in.

A. While B. After C. Before D. Until

( )41. There is too much noise here, Let’s go________.

A. somewhere quiet B. quiet somewhere C. anywhere quiet D. quiet anywhere

( )42. The hard sleeper doesn’t cost ________ the soft sleeper.

A. so dear as B. so more as C. as mush as D. as cheap as

( )43. Lucy wants you ________ a new pen for her.

A. Buying B. buy C. to buy D. bought

( )44. We’d better make fund raising ______ we are able to buy a new house.

A. so B. so that C. as D. as soon as

( )45. You should make a plan _______ you do anything important.

A. before B. after C. until D. if

( )46. --- Would you like to go hiking with us next Sunday? --- I will go ________ I’m free.

A. before B. if C. until D. after

( )47. If he _______ the traffic rules, he’ll get a fine.

A. break B. will break C. breaks D. obeys

( )48. we’ll have a hike if it ____________ tomorrow.

A. rains B. will rain C. won’t rain D. doesn’t rain

( )49. Remember ________ loudly when we are in the reading room.

A. not to speak B. to speak C. not speaking D. speaking

( )50. Please tell them ___________ cats.

A. not to play B. not to play with C. don’t play D. don’t play with

( )51. Beijing is _______ the north of China, Shenyang is _______ the north of Beijing.

A. to, in B. in, to C. on, in D. to, on

( )52. ________ in the morning will make you __________.

A. Running, healthy B. Running, health C. Run, healthy D. To run, healthy

( )53. He finished ________ the book yesterday.

A. seeing B. watching C. reading D. looking

( )54. We’re looking forward to ________ you soon.

A. see B. seeing C. be seeing D. be bale to see

( )55. Michael often talks ______ but does _____ So everybody says he is a good boy.

A. many, little B. little, many C. less, more D. more, less

( )56. After ______ you’ll get used to the weather here.

A. some time B. sometime C. sometimes D. some times

( )57. --- It’s very cold here in this room. --- ____________.

A. So it is B. So is it C. So does it D. So it isn’t

( )58. --- Are you going camping with them? --- If you go, ________.

A. so will I B. so I will C. I also go D. so do I

( )59. Stop ___________ so much noise, my father is sleeping.

A. to make B. make C. making D. made

( )60.--- Must I stay at home tonight? --- No, you ___________.

A. mustn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. can’t

( )61. --- Don’t play with my cat, Jim! ---Sorry, I _________.

A. mustn’t B. won’t C. needn’t D. can’t

( )62. I’m not sure ____________ or not he will come.

A. whether B. if C. when D. as

( )63. I don’t know ________ you’re right or not.

A. if B. whether C. when D. how

( )64. ------ ___________ is it from your home to school? ------ It’s 13minutes’ walk.

A. How long B. How far C. How soon D. How often

( )65. I’m not sure ________.

A. where he go just now B. where did he go just now

C. Where he went just now D. where he goes just now

( )66. I don’t know ________.

A. where does she live B. Where is she live C. where she lives D. where she is live

( )67. It’s time for us ________.

A. to start B. for starting C. started D. start

( )68. Boys, Help _________ to some real Chinese food!

A. you B. yourselves C. yourself D. yours

( )69. It _________ Ann’s pen. _________ yours is in your desk.

A. may be, may be B. maybe, may be C. maybe, maybe D. may be, maybe

( )70. It is polite ________ quietly at table.

A. speaking B. to speak C. spoke D. speaks

( )71. The book is well worth ____________.

A. reading B. read C. to read D. read

( )72. Mary doesn’t like pork for dinner. I don’t like it, _________.

A. too B. neither C. also D. either

( )73. Tom is __________ boy.

A. a 8-year-old B. an 8 year old C. an 8-year-old D. 8 years old

( )74. --- Must I stay at home and take care of the baby? --- No, you ________.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. don’t have

( )75. It’s useful _________ we learn English well.

A. for B. with C. that D. when

( )76. Can you tell me__________?

A. who is Jim B. Whom is Jim C. Jim is whom D. Who Jim is

( )77. You’d better _________ me the truth.

A. tell B. not tell C. to tell D. not to tell

( )78. There _________ a fashion show at Jiefangbei.

A. is going to have B. is going to be C. are going to have D. are going to be

( )79. _________ would you like?

A. What other B. What else C. Else what D. Other what

( )80. How wonderful! The room is ________ glass.

A. made from B. made of C. made into D. made in

( )81. ----- Have you ______ Daniel Igali? -----Yes. I know much about him.

A. heard from B. heard of C. heard about D. both B and C

( )82. The room is used _________ a classroom.

A. as B. for C. to D. from

( )83. It’s ____ expensive car that I can’t afford to buy it.

A. so B. such C. so an D. such an

( )84. Mary is ________ student, she often help others.

A. quite good B. quite a good C. a good quite D. good a quite

( )85. Chinese fashion __________ western fashion.

A. is the same as B. is the different from C. is same with D. is different from

( )86. She _______ to bed until 12.p.m last night.

A. went B. goes C. didn’t go D. doesn’t

( )87. How will you __________ these rubbish?

A. do with B. do without C. deal with D. deal without

( )88.The bottle is ______ water.

A.filled of B.full with C.full of D.filled with

( )89.It′s nice ____ you ______ to do so.

A.for,to B.to ,for C.of, to D.for,of

( )90.The coach ________ his team to win a gold medals in the Olympic Games.

A.took B.led C.brought D,lead

( )91Most people think bicycles are much safer than ______.

A.any other vehicles B.any other vehicle C.any vehicle

( )92.I think ____he should get up earlier tomorrow morning.

A.about B.over C.that

( )93.Don't you think _______ the money for his trip?

A.need he B.will be need C.he need

( )94.________ newspaper can also help us make some money for our plan.

A.Buying B.Selling C.Sell

( )95.Li Hai has been to many foreign countries _____England,America and Cuba.

A.such B.like C.such as

( )96.Danny is afaid ______ it'll be rainy in the afternoon.

A.that B.of C.if

( )97.I can't go to the party,because I _______ time.

A.have not B.have no C.have

( )98.Please cut the apple _____ two halves.

A.in B.into C.for

( )99.There's a bridge ______the river.

A.on B.from C.over

( )100.My dream is to travel _______.

A.all the world B.at the whole world C.around the world

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