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8B U3 (4) Grammar 执笔:汤燕 审稿:初二英语备课组

[预习内容]:8B Unit3 Grammar



主动语态和被动语态 主动语态:主语是动作的执行者。 被动语态:主语是动作的承受者。





被动语态的构成:be + 及物动词的过去分词


(一) 一般现在时态的被动语态:

肯定_______________________________ 否定_________________________________ 一般疑问_________________________________________________________________ Eg:

2.The farmers grow cotton every year.

3.We don’t speak French as our first language.

4.She doesn’t often ride the motorbike.

5.Do you read English every morning ?____________________________________________

6.When does your mother cook supper every day ?__________________________________

(二) 一般过去时态的被动语态:

肯定_______________________________ 否定_________________________________ 一般疑问_________________________________________________________________ E.g. Where did they find it?-------Where was it found by them ?

1.They invented many useful things in the old days.__________________________________

2.How much did they pay for the jacket?___________________________________________

3.What did they cover the desk with? _____________________________________________

4.Did they hold the school sports meeting last October?______________________________

5.He didn’t fix the TV set last night .______________________________________________

6. How much did the man spend on the dictionary?__________________________________

(三) 含有情态动词的被动语态:

肯定can/may/must/should+ 否定________________________ 一般疑问_________________________________________________________________ E.g.We must repair the computer now.-------The computer must be repaired by us now .

1.We should plant the trees around the lake. _______________________________________

2.We mustn’t pour the waste water into the river.___________________________________

3. Students should correct the mistakes.___________________________________________

4.Can’t you mend the machine.__________________________________________________

5.You must do the homework on time.____________________________________________

6.When must I finish my homework ?____________________________________________


8B U3 (4) Grammar 执笔:汤燕 审稿:初二英语备课组


1.He sometimes reads the novel written by Luxun.

2.They put the food in the fridge in summer._______________________________________

3.They often play football on Sunday.

4.He sells the cotton every week.

5.She uses the pans for cooking eggs.

6.What did they say about it._____________________________________________________

7. The aunt took the baby to the hospital just now.

8.His mother made the noodles last night.

9.My teacher wrote the composition one hour ago.

10. Who often teach them English?(2)_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________


17.Who often looks after your baby?

18.Whom do they take care of carefully in the hospital?

19.What did Mr. Green eat last night?

21.Where do they make the planes?

22.What time does the girl do her homework every day?

23.How many trees do they plant every year?

24.Why did they report the news to the class?

25.He taught us French last term. (2)

26.I showed her my photos yesterday.(2)

27.My mother often gives me the nice present.(2) 28.I often ask her to help me with maths.

29.The policemen told the boys not to play with fire.

30.They warn him not to be careless.

31.We saw him go into Room 101 just now.

32.He heard them singing in the room at that time.

33.Teachers should take good care of the children at school . __________________________

34. We should speak politely to the elderly . ________________________________________

35.We listen to teachers carefully in class. _________________________________________

36. The man heard the students singing in the next room._____________________________

37. He played a joke on the funny man just now.____________________________________

38.He heard her sing in the room._________________________________________________

39.We all help them learn their English.___________________________________________

40.The boss made the workers work 12 hours a day.

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