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1.交通方式的询问: How do you get to school ? 回答:

A: How do you get to school/work? B:
walk ride a bike take the bus take the car take the subway take the train take a taxi to school/work.

How does he get to work?

Yao Ming rides a bike to work. = Yao Ming gets to work by bike.

How does she get to work?


Liu Yifei takes the car to work.
=Liu Yifei gets to work by car.


ride a bike by bike 骑自行车 walk on foot 走路、步行 take the subway by subway 乘坐地铁 take the train by train 乘坐火车 take the car by car 乘坐小车 take a taxi by taxi 乘出租车 take the bus by bus 乘坐公车 take the boat by boat 乘坐船

注意点:并不是所有都用take, 也并不是所有都 用by,注意四个方面 ① 步行特殊的: walk = go ..on foot ② By car , by bike = drive a / my car , ride a / my bike ③ By +交通工具无冠词, 但 ride a bike/ drive a car/ take a bus 等必须有冠词a/ the. ④ 除了介词by +交通工具外,还可以用on/ in + 交通工具,on a bus, in a car , on my bike ….

2. 对于路程多久的提问: How long does it take you to get to school? ?

回答:It takes about 30 minutes.(重点句 型)

3. 对于路程有多远的提问:How far is it from his home to school? 回答: It’s about 10 kilometers A is about 数字加路程单位 (away)from B A与B之间有多远。 例句:1)The school is about 10 kilometers (away)from our village.

2)My home is far (away)from the school. 我家到学校很远。

6. He leaves for school at around six thirty. 1) leave for 去某地 2)leave +某地 离开某地方

9. There is a very big river between their school and the village. 在他们的学校和乡村之间有一条大河。 between… and… 在??和??之间 例如: Can you tell me the difference between Lucy and Lily? 你能告诉我露西和莉莉之间的不同吗?

? 对于很多学生,到达学校是很容易的。 ? For many students, it is easy to get to school.

? ? ? ? ?

像父亲一样 be like a father 离开村庄 leave the village 村民 villager 他们的梦想 their dream come true 实现

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

乘公共汽车 take the bus take the train 乘火车 乘地铁 take the subway 骑自行车 ride a bike walk 走路 get to 到达 How do you get to school? 你怎么去上学的? 一百 one hundred 二百四十 two hundred and forty How does she get to school?


? ? ? ? ? ?

minute 分钟 how long 多久 多远 how far kilometer 千米 你怎么到达学校? How do you get to school? 你妹妹怎么到达学校? How does your sister get to school?

? 要多久到学校? ? 你家到学校有多远?

How long does it take to get to school?
How far is it from your home to school?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

地铁站 subway station 汽车停靠站 bus stop 想知

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