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Module 5

It’s time to do sth. = 1.It’s time for sth./doing sth.做某事的时间到了 2.keep doing sth. 坚持做某事 3. each other 互相 4.make a mess 弄乱 be in a terrible mess 处于糟糕的状态 5. be popular with sb.受某人的欢迎 6.as well as也; 和 Li Ming as well as his brother goes to school by bike. 7.climb up爬上 8.can’t help doing sth.忍不住做某事 9. win the heart of sb.=win sb’s heart赢得某人的心

10.work for 任职于 11. expect to do sth.期待做某事 12.ever since从那以后 13.both of 两者都 14.lead sb. against sb./sth.领导某人反对某人/事 lead sb. to do sth.领导某人做某事 15.in sb’s private world在某人的个人世界 16.fly through the sky飞过天空 17.fight bad people 打败坏人 18.in a happy way 以快乐的方式

1.all over全身 2.with a smile on one’s face面带微笑 3. be in excellent condition 身体情况良很好 be out of condition 身体不好 4.by doing sth.通过…做某事 5.take some medicine 服药 6.get/do /take some exercise锻炼 7.three times a day 三天一次 8.such as 例如 9.take one’s temperature量体温

10.catch a cold =have a cold感冒 11.have got a stomach ache胃痛 12.be harmful to =do harm to = be bad for对…有害处 13.take part in,join in ,join 14. go for a run去跑步 15.take sb. For a walk =go for a walk with sb.带某人 去散步 16.feel awful 感到不舒服 17.healthy living 健康的生活方式 18.too+adj./adv. +to do sth. 19.fast food快餐

20.start a girls’ football team组织一个女子足球队 21.for the last few years 在过去几年 22.daily exercise日常锻炼

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