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Present perfect tense 现在完成时
肯定式:主语 + 助动词have/has + 动词的过去分词.

疑问式:助动词Have/Has + 主语 + 动词的过去分词?
否定式: 主语 + 助动词have/has + not + 动词的过去分词.


visit visited repair repaired watch watched finish finished
move live love like

visited repaired watched finished


moved lived loved liked

moved lived loved liked


stop mop trap plan

stopped mopped trapped planned

stopped mopped trapped planned


注:以一个辅音字母结尾的重读闭音节词, 双写最后一个辅音字母+ed study studied studied 去 y + ied hurry hurried hurried 注:以辅音字母加y结尾的词,去y+ied.

be give see make put come write was/were gave saw made put came wrote been given seen made put come written


1. She has done her homework. (改否定句)
2. She has already told us the news. (改否定句) 3. The rain has already stopped. (改一般疑问句) 4. I have waited here for two hours. (划线提问) 5.He has lived in ShangHai since he left Beijing. (划 线提问) Where has he lived since he left Beijing? 6. They have bought a new car, ______ ______? (反义疑问句)
haven’t they How long have you waited here ? She hasn’t told us the news yet. She hasn’t done her homework.

Has the rain stopped yet?

二: 用法: 1)在完成时表示过去发生的动作,并对现在有影响。

的动作而现在完成时强调的是现在的结果或影响。) Someone has broken the window. (窗户现在是坏的) I have already lost the key. (我现在没有钥匙) I haven’t read that book yet . (不了解书的内容) I have just cleaned my hands. (手是干净的)
常与already(已经), yet(已经), just(刚刚),ever(曾经)等 词连用. already: 常用于肯定句中.yet: 常用于否定句,疑问句尾.

2)现在完成时表示从过去一直持续到现在的动作或状态。 She has learned English for 5 years. He has lived in Beijing since ( 自从)he was born. Have you stayed here since ( 自从) 3 o’clock?

常与for, since引导的时间短语或从句连用. for+ 时间段 since+时间点 , since+ 句子 自从…以来

since: (自…以来)

since , for 的用法:

He has stayed here since 5 o’clock.

2)since+ 时间段+ ago
He has stayed here since 5 hours ago. 3)since+ 从句 She has taught English since he came here. for: (长达) for+ 时间段 He has kept the book for 2 weeks.

选用since 或for 填空: since 1.We have learned English ______ Grade Three in primary school. for We have learned English _______ five years. 2.He hasn’t felt well ________ since last night. Has he seen the doctor? since three days 3. I have read this sto

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