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I need to get some money to pay for summer camp. get a part-time job

You could …

borrow some money from your brother
sell your CDs have a bake sale

ask your parents for some money You should … call “Teen Talk”, (the radio advice program.)

___ ________ ___ __ __ _

_______ ____


good idea

okay idea

bad idea

1. pay for 付款 2.okay adj. 好的 3.either adj. 也(否定句);任一的;(两方中的)每一方的
4. bake v.烤;烘 ? Teen Talk 青少年论坛(节目名称) ? tutor n.家庭教师 ? upset adj.沮丧的

Discussion: What’s the matter with these children? What could they do? What should we do?

Well done! Thank you!

1.the same as 与...…同样的 2. part-time job 兼职工作 3. style n.风格 4. out of style 过时的,不时髦的 5. argue v.争论;争吵 6. play v.播放 7. loud adj.高声的;大声的 8. surprise v.使吃惊、使意外 9.send v.发送;寄 10.What’s wrong? What’s the matter?

should (shall)

could (can)

可表达建议、要求、可能和意愿等, 没有人称和


a. should与 could用于表示劝告、建议时, 可理解为“应该” , could比should语气委婉。

b. should (shall)用于表示“必定”。

c. could (can)用于表示 “可能”或“预测”。


1. argue with 与某人争吵 I don’t want to argue with him. 我不想和他吵架。 2. My clothes are out of style. 我的衣服过时了。 out of style “过时的,落伍的” 3. maybe, may be表示“可能,也许” 表示推测。maybe一般 放在 句首,引导句子。may be由情态动词may加系动词原形be构 成。其后所接词决定于be,可以是名词、形容词等,一般放 在句中。

Maybe he is John’s father. 也许他是约翰的父亲。
He may be a student. 也许他是一名学生。 4. call up…表示“打电话…”可以与名词、代词连用。连接代词 时,把代词放在call与up之间。 Please call me up. Don’t forget to call up your uncle.

5. on the phone 用/通过电话
I want to know the weather on the phone. 我想通过电话查一下 天气。

6. ask for 要求,索要,完整形式为ask sb for sth 向某人要某物
Please ask him for the book. 请向他要那本书。 7. be angry with 对…生气, 注意be动词及介词with Jim is angry with me. get on 相处, 吉姆生我气了。

get on well 相处融洽 与…打架

get on well with sb 与某人相处融洽 have a fight with sb

8. lots of 许多,大量,可修饰可数与不可数名词。

Unit 2
What should I do?
Period 3

Give advice
What should I do to keep fish at home? Maybe you should…
? ? ? ? ? often give it clean water change the water once a week put some green leaves in the bowl not give it too much food not put it in the sun

Clothes problem
When you choose clothes, what is important to you?

1. They ar

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