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人教版初二英语上册《Unit1 How often do you exercise PPT课件》

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Unit 1

How often do you exercise?
No.2 Middle School of Hongqiao Guan Yingying 2005-08-28
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surf the Internet

have pizza

do chores

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Listen again and write the activities you hear on the lines below: go shopping always(100%)______________ go skateboarding usually _________________ exercise often__________________ watch TV sometimes______________ watch TV hardly ever______________ go shopping never(0%)________________

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-- What do you usually do on weekends? --I usually go skateboarding on weekends. --Do you watch TV on weekends? --Yes, sometimes./ No, I never do that.

go skateboarding watch TV play sports=exercise read books go shopping go to the movies play with computer play computer games do homework sleep surf the Internet

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?Practice Section A-1b ?Keep a weekend diary showing what you do on weekend. You can write down what they do from the time you get up until you go to bed.
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Weekend activities
Work in pairs : What do they usually do on weekends?

do homework

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play football

go to the movies

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watch TV


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Number the activities first ,then match the activities of Cheng
Activities How often every day

3 1 5 4 2

go to the movies watch TV shop exercise read

once a week
twice a week

three times a week
once a month
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twice a month

Oral practice
How often do you do these activities? Make conversations with your partner.

do homework

every day A: How often do you do your homework?

B: Every day.

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Three/Four times a week
A: How often do you exercise? B: Three times a week.
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eat junk food

once a month

A: How often do you eat junk food? B: Once a month.
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surf the Internet
twice a week

A: How often do you surf the Internet? B: Once a week. 绿色圃中小学教育网

Fill in the blanks with the information in the “Activity Survey” and “Vocabulary Key” .
Green High School: Activity Survey



once or twice a week 10% 0% 2%

three or four times a week 75% 5% 13%

Exercise Do homework Watch TV

15% 95% 85%

Vocabulary Key
All students= 100% Most students= 51%-99%
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Some students=1%-50% No students=0%

What Do Students Do at Green High School? Here are the result

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