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Flexible ruler


Vernier caliper


Measuring length

Measuring waist circumference

Measuring chest circumference. It is reported that her chest circumference can achieve 92cm.

?Using it in math or physics to measuring length or draw lines mainly

Usage: hold it with right hand and take the thing which you prepare to measure with left hand .Then ,put the thing you prepared between two measuring jaws and read the data.

Usage: It is must be checked whether it was calibrated before we use it. Put the thing you want to measure into it ,then rotate the hand wheel and read the data.

This micrometer can read the data conveniently

Other Methods to Measure Length And Height

Mordent777,which airplane was used by Malaysian Airline System having wrecked almost 20 days ago that carried 154 Chinese citizens.

When a aircraft in a sky, it can measure atmospheric pressure to acquire the height. It was said that the aircraft had reached the height of more than 40000 feet.

Ship use sonar to measure depth of oceans or rivers. 34 ships was used in Malaysian Airline System rescue all over the world.


Today, with technology development ,we can use the Compass to measure the height. It also can obtain accurate result.

In astronomy, we also use light years to measure distance.

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