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Section A 1a-2c
My dream, dream of China

茶亭学校 陈 红 娟

Task1 Read and write
长大 grow up 编程人员 computer programmer 厨师 cook doctor 医生 工程师 engineer 小提琴手 violinist 驾驶员 driver 飞行员 pilot 钢琴家 pianist 科学家 scientist 大学 college 学习电脑科学 study computer science 天天练习打篮球 practice basketball every day 上表演课 take acting lessons study math really hard 努力学习数学 learn how to teach children 学习怎样教小孩子 finish high school and college first 先完成高中和大学学业

What does he\she do? He\She is a\an _______.







What do they do?
They’re __________.
basketball players computer programmers


? Nanshan Zhong’s dream of China. 钟南山的中国梦
1、He wants to build a big respiratory center. 2、His graduate students will make new, international level achievement. 3、He wants to live longer.

? My son Henry’s dream.

mother and son

Rich or poor, young or old, we all have dreams.

--- What do you want to be when you grow up? --- I want to be … --- How are you going to do that? --- I’m going to …

a basketball player

an actor
a computer programmer

an engineer

Task2 Listen and fill in the blanks.
1) What does Tina want to do? a computer programmer She wants to be __________________. computer science. How is she going to do that? She is going to study ________

a basket ball player 2)What does Larry want to do? She wants to be __________________. baskerball every day. How is she going to do that? She is going to practice________ an engineer 3)What does the girl want to do? She wants to be __________________. math How is she going to do that? She is going to study________ really hard. an actor 4)What does the boywant to do? He wants to be __________________. How is he going to do that? He is going to take________ lessons. acting

? ---What does …want to be? ? --- He\She wants to be … ? --- How is he\she going to do that? ? --- He\She is going to … ? ----When is he\she going to study? ? ----He’s\She’s going to study … ? ----Where is he\she going to work? ? ----He’s \She’s going to …

Work in group of 3 students to make up your conversation ,then role-play it.

Listen. What is Cheng Han going to do? Check(√)the correct boxes in the picture.



Task3 Listen.What are Cheng Han’s plans for the future?

What Where How When

a teacher Cheng Han wants to be _________.
move to Shanghai He is going to __________________.
He is going to learn ___________________. how to teach children

He is going to_________________ finish high school college first. and _______


2、单项选择 3、翻译句子

a computer programmer 1、一名电脑程序师 grow up 2、成长 basket ball player 3、篮球运动员 上表演课 4、take acting lessons 学习怎样教小孩 5、learn

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