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2014年新目标英语八年级下unit 6 Section B课件

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The Emperor’s New clothes

Who? Hobby? Who came one day?

What did the two brothers want to do?

What happened next?

A fairy tale:



A fairy tale:


A fairy tale:

Little Red Riding Hood

A play
Hansel and Gretel

lived with … father and stepmother

…poor, …was so hot that no food would grow, …told…the whole family would die unless the children die ….

…heard this, …sad, cried… …be quiet…. … have a plan to save them.

…went outside….

to get some white stones in the moonligh

…was dropping ….along the way.
When the moon was shining bright, they could see the stones.

…back home
..were surprised, asked… to go to the forest again. …didn’t allow them to go outside.

…dropped pieces of bread ….

… couldn’t see any bread on the groun

…got lost.

…was singing… , it was leading them to a house made of

Match each description 2b 2c below with the correct scene. A. The children get lost. B. The children wake up. C. The children cannot find the pieces of bread. D. Gretel learns about Hansel’s plan.

E. The children surprise the parents. F. Hansel has to change his plan. G. The children learn that something bad is going to happen. SCENE ONE _____ G SCENE TWO ____ B SCENE THREE ____ D SCENE FOUR ____ E SCENE FIVE _____ SCENE SIX _____ F C SCENE SEVEN _____ A

Read the play again and 2d answer the questions. 1. Why does the wife tell her husband to leave the children in the moonlight? The weather was so dry that no food would grow. If they didn’t left the children to die in the forest the whole family would die.

2. What does Hansel go out to get?
He gets some stones. 3. Why does he do it in the moonlight? Because they’ll be able to see the stones in the bright moon.

4. How do Hansel and Gretel find their way home? Because Hansel is dropping white stones along the way. When the moon is shining bright, they’ll be able to see the stones and find their way home. 5. Why do Hansel and Gretel get lost the second time? Because they can’t see any bread on the ground. Maybe the birds ate them.

Complete the summary of the play. Gretel heard that their __________ stepmother planned to ____ kill her and her brother. But Hansel had a plan to _____ himself and his sister. He save went to get some white ______ before he stones went to bed that night. The next day, the wife sent the children to the ________. forest Hansel ________ dropped the stones as they walked.

Later that night, they could see the stones because of the shining _________. The moon stones showed them the way home. Hansel wanted to get more stones, but his stepmother did not let him go out. The next morning, the wife sent the children to the forest again. Hansel had no stones, so he dropped _______ pieces of _______. bread But the _______ birds ate them, so Hansel and Gretel were _______ in the forest. lost

They walked until they saw a _______ house made of food. Hansel wanted to ______ e

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