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【步步高】2015届高中英语外研版:必修3 Module 5 Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China

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Module 5 Great People and Great

Inventions of Ancient China

I. 单项填空

1.The reason________he made such kind of mistakes is that he has had no________ experience of this kind of job.

B.which;before D.that;before A.whether;previous C.why;previous

答案 C [句意:他犯这种错误的原因是他没有做这种工作的经验。“the reason why...is that...”意为“……的原因是……”,是一个固定句式。]

2.Running a company is not________a matter of hiring people—they also need to be trained.


C.seriously B.partly D.equally

答案 D [句意:管理一家公司不是与雇佣人相同的一件事情,他们需要受到训练。simply“简单地”;partly“部分地”;seriously“严肃地”;equally“相同地,平等地”。]

3.How can you resign yourself________such a terrible group?

A.to cooperating with

C.to cooperating on B.in cooperating with D.in cooperating on

答案 A [考查resign oneself to doing sth意为“使自己安于做某事”,其中to是介词,后接名词、代词或动名词;cooperate with“与……合作”。句意:你怎么听任与这么差的团体合作呢?]

4.________, I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed staying in your beautiful country.

A.As a result

B.In common D.In turn C.In conclusion

答案 C [考查介词短语。句意:最后,我想说呆在你们这个美丽的国家我是多么愉快。as a result“因此”;in common“共同”;in conclusion“总之,最后”;in turn“依次”。]

5.I think our education should give all children______opportunities to develop their special gift.


C.flexible B.equal D.convenient

答案 B [考查形容词辨析。equal平等的。句意为:我认为我们的教育应该给所有的孩子平等的机会来发展他们的特殊天赋。reasonable合情理的,讲道理的,公道的;flexible灵活的,可弯曲的,柔顺的;convenient便利的,方便的,就近的。]

6.—Look,here comes your dream girl.Invite her to dance.

—________What if she refuses me?

A.I don’t know.

C.With pleasure. B.Why me? D.So what?

答案 A [考查情景交际。结合“What if she refuses me?”可知选A项。B项意为“为什么是我呢”,C项意为“非常乐意”,常用于别人请求帮忙时的回答,D项意为“那又怎样”,均不符合题意。]

7.Once the poison is________,there is no further danger.

A.brought up

B.brought in D.brought about C.brought back

答案 A [句意:一旦把毒药吐出,就不会有更多危险。bring up“吐出,养育”;bring in“引进”;bring back“归还”;bring about“引起,导致”。]

8.Though he started late, Mr.Guo played the piano as well as, if________, Miss Liu.

A.not better than

C.no better than B.not better D.no better

答案 A [句意:虽然郭先生钢琴学得晚,可是他弹得即使不比刘小姐好,也至少和她一样好。因为有Miss Liu作宾语,than不可以省略,所以排除B和D。no better than“两者都不好”,而本题是说郭先生弹得不错,故排除C项;not better than不比……好。]

9.Anyway,I can’t cheat him—it’s against all my________.


C.regulations B.principles D.opinions

答案 B [句意为:无论如何我都不能欺骗他——这违背我做人的原则。本题考查名词辨析。principle常用复数形式,意为:(行为的)准则、规范,如:principles of conduct行为的准则。emotion情感,情绪;regulation规章,规则;opinion意见,看法,主张。]

10.With no rain for three months, and the food supplies running out, the present________here is getting worse.


C.state B.condition D.situation

答案 D [句意:三个月没下雨并且食物供应也短缺了,这个地方现在的形势变得更糟

糕了。case“病例,案例,情形”;condition“状况,条件”;state“状况,状态”,常与不定冠词连用构成“in a...state”或“in a state of...”结构;situation“形势,状况,事态”。]

11.What surprised us was not what she said but________she said it.

A.the way

B.in the way that D.the way what C.the way which

答案 A [not...but...连接的前后两部分应该是并列成分,故but后应是名词,又因the way作先行词时,后面的连接词可以是that/in which或省略。故A项正确。]

12.Eating too much fat can________heart disease and cause high blood pressure.

A.result from

C.attend to B.contribute to D.devote to

答案 B [result from“由于”;attend to“关心,照料”;devote to“致力于”;contribute to在此意为“引起,导致”,故B项符合句意。]

13.It's the same in China—many people,________some are not overweight at all, are always going on diets or taking weight loss pills.

A.whose B.which C.of whom D.who

答案 C [考查定语从句。句意:情况在中国也是如此——许多人,他们中的一些人根本不超重,却一直进行节食或服用减肥药。考查“介词+关系代词”。]

14.—I hear that our manager won’t be back this afternoon.

—________,we’ll have to put the meeting off till tomorrow.

A.If so

C.For the first time ever B.To give an example D.In a nutshell

答案 A [根据答语中的we’ll have to...可知,应答者认为如果经理不回来的话,“我们”就得把会议推迟到明天。if so如果这样的话,符合语境。to give an example举个例子;for the first time ever首次地;in a nutshell简言之。]

15.—The authors of computer viruses are geniuses.

—I agree,they can apply their wisdom to other net technology________human beings can benefit.

A.in which C.on which B.through which D.from which

答案 D [考查定语从句。“benefit from...”表示“从……中受益”,此处是定语从句中介词


II. 阅读理解


Economic growth for July through September fell to 9.6 percent in China, down from 10.3 percent in the second quarter.

Sheng Laiyun, a spokesman from China's National Bureau of Statistics,

says the figures show a year-on-year increase of 10.6 percent, 2.5 percentage

points higher than the same period last year.

The figures show the Chinese economy remains strong, and despite fears from many economists, is far from overheating.

The consumer price index rose 3.6 percent in September, up slightly from 3.5 percent in August.However, it remains well above the target for the year of 3 percent.

On Tuesday, the central bank raised interest rates, in a move many economists say was intended to gently cool the economy and get a firm control on inflation.

Jinny Yan, an economist Standard Chartered Bank, says she is happy to see that the Chinese economy is not overheating.

“A 9.6 percent growth is in our view much more sustainable and we think it is a healthy growth pace compared to the first quarter of this year,”she noted.“What it means is that the economy has now stabilized.It has recovered.Now it is more about concentrating on the other risks, for example inflation or asset price inflation in the economy.”

The interest rate increase and the slowing growth may ease pressure from overseas for China to allow its currency to appreciate.

Several countries, including the United States, complain that China's yuan is kept unfairly weak to give Chinese exports a market advantage.China says it will gradually a more reasonable exchange rate policy, to keep its economy growing, but the yuan has strengthened only about 2.5 percent in recent months.

Many economists and international policy analysts have said they expect China to face new demands about the yuan when the leaders of the Group of 20 leading economies meet next month. Notes:

①inflation n.通货膨胀 ②sustainable adj.能保持的

③stabilize vi.稳定

1.Last year's year-on-year increase is________.

A.2.5% B.8.1% C.10.6% D.13.1%

2.What is the economy situation of China now?

A.It is overheating.

B.It remains strong.

C.It is unhealthy.

D.The economy growth is unsustainable.

3.Which of the following saying about Chinese economy is NOT right?

A.Economist should pay more attention on asset price inflation.

B.The central bank lowered interest rates on Tuesday.

C.Inflation on the economy is one of the risks we should pay attention to.

D.Chinese economy is perfect now.

4.What does the underlined word mean?


C.Take. B.Add. D.Give up.

5.When will the leaders of the Group of 20 leading economies meet?

A.Next month.

C.Next Tuesday. B.Next week. D.Next year.


1.B [数字计算题。由第二段“...the figures show a year-on-year increase of 10.6 percent, 2.5 percentage points higher than the same period last year.”可知,去年的增长率为8.1%。]

2.B [细节理解题。由第三段第一句“The figures show the Chinese economy remains strong, and despite fears from many economists, is far from overheating.”可知,数据显示中国的经济发展势头强劲,并没有过热。因而B项正确。]

3.D [细节理解题。由第五段第一句可知,央行于星期二降低了利率,B项说法正确;由倒数第四段最后一句可知,A项和C项说法正确;D项说法错误。此题可用排除法。]

4.C [词义猜测题。由语境可知,中国将实行一种更为合理的汇率政策。]

5.A [细节理解题。由最后一段“...when the leaders of the Group of 20 leading economies meet

next month”可知,其会面时间为下个月。]


Newspaper is not only the most common media in our daily life, but

also the oldest technique in the field of message publication.It is very late

to see the modern newspaper in China.Until the end of the 19th century,

those newspapers published by the Chinese official agents or private

expresses hadn't started to become more and more.The newspaper called

“Stories inside and outside China”was first published by Weixin Faction,

in 1895, the 21st year of Guangxu Era in Qing Dynasty.It is one of the

most influential newspapers published by the Chinese at that time.

In fact, the Chinese“Dibao”is the earliest and oldest newspaper in the

world.In the West Han epoch, in order to strengthen the Royal power, the

Han government carried out the“Jun xian zhi”.Every eparch should set

up its office in the capital Chang'an, which has the same function as the

provincial office in Beijing now.These offices were called “Di”s.Officers are selected by the eparchial government which they are responsible for, and sent to the “Di”to collecting the messages announced by the administrative agents or even the empire, then writing them on the bamboo placard, and deliver them to their shire leaders via the early post station for reading.So these placards with information were called “Dibao”s.

The continuous enforcement of central royal power in ancient China has also brought the development of “Dibao” into . Although the name of “Dibao” had been changed for many times in the period from the Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, to Qing Dynasty, its publication has never been interrupted.In addition to it, its essence and contents hadn't been changed a lot. Notes:

①eparch n.地方官 ②administrative adj.管理的;行政的 ③placard n.布告

④shire n.郡 ⑤essence n.本质

1.What's the best title of the passage?

A.The first newspaper in China

B.What newspaper means to us


Why newspaper first appeared in China

D.What brought the development of “Dibao” into a full bloom

2.From the first paragraph we can see________.

A.few newspapers were published at the end of the 19th century

B.modern newspapers came out very early

C.“stories inside and outside China”was the topic of a report

D.at the end of the nineteenth century only official agents published newspapers

3.What does the second paragraph mainly tell us?

A.Why every eparch set up offices in the capital.

B.The Han government carried out the “Jun xian zhi”.

C.How “Dibao” came into being.

D.The role of “Dibao” in the Han Dynasty.

4.What does the underlined phrase “a full bloom”mean in the last paragraph?

A.A biggest flower.

B.A large pant.

C.A stop.

D.A magnificent position.

5.From the whole passage we can see the development of the early newspaper in China____.

A.had something to do with people's need

B.was connected with government policy

C.had nothing to do with news

D.was connected with commercials

【语篇解读】 在中国,最早的报纸是《地报》,是汉朝时期住在长安的官员传递政府信息的工具。在政府的支持下,《地报》一直保持着繁荣,形式一直没有太大的改变。

1.A [主旨大意题。全文讲述了中国最早的报纸的出现以及后来的发展。]

2.A [推理判断题。根据“Until the end of the 19th century, those newspapers published by the Chinese official agents or private expresses hadn't started to become more and more.”可以知道,19世纪晚期中国的报纸不是很多。]

3.C [主旨大意题。第二段讲述了汉朝时期各地派官员进长安,他们把长安的消息传给各地,于是《地报》产生了。]

4.D [词义理解题。由“The continuous enforcement of central royal power in ancient China”


5.B [推理判断题。联系最后一段可知,《地报》的繁荣与中央集权的加强密切相关。] III.短文改错

Dear Brad,

I am a boy in the first of a senior high school.I feel recently.At home I feel like ∧ prisoner.I am not allowed to watch TV or surf the Internet.The only thing I have to do a

it— is studying.Every time I a low mark,my parents will scold me sharply.There’s a generation gap my parents and me, it’s always difficult to communicate.Life supposed to be colorful and wonderful,isn’t it? should I devote all my time and energy to the study so as to a good university?I am very unhappy and lost.I need your help. Best wishes,

Li Ping

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