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八年级英语下册unit 7 Section B

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Section B 2a-2e

Who is the main character(主角) in the movie?

run over v.

fall over v. 摔倒


bamboo n.

endangered adj.



research n.&v.

keeper n.



awake adj.

excitement n.


illness n.


artwork n.

wild adj.


government n.


new words and phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? bamboo endangered research keeper awake artwork wild government run over跑过去 fall over摔倒 walk into(走路时意外) 撞上 die from 死于 or so 大约

2a Talk about pandas in your class. Use these words to help you. big, bamboo, zoo, popular, beautiful,

cute, forest,

black and white, Sichuan, protect

famous, endangered,

Chengdu Research Base

Who does she do?

panda keeper

What does she often do for pandas?
wash feed

play with them

They often die from illnesses and don’t live very long.

baby pandas

Do you know what pandas like eating?

bamboo forest竹林 They eat 10 kilos of (10公斤的)bamboo a day.


cut down the forests

So pandas become fewer and fewer,because there is no room for them to live in. They are endangered.

How to save the pandas?
Teach children about the importance of(…的 重要性)saving pandas. Our government should plant more bamboo trees.

Solutions (解决方法)

扫 描

This means moving your eyes quickly down the page to find

specific information.


Scan the article to find out
what these numbers mean.





An adult panda can eat 10 ② kilos of bamboo a day.
③ ④

Adult pandas spend 12 hours a day eating bamboo.

Now there are fewer than 2000 pandas living in the remaining forests.

Another 200 pandas or so live in zoos or research centers in China or other countries.

Scan the article again and write 2c short answers to the questions.
1. What is Lin Wei’s job? A panda keeper. 2. What do the baby pandas eat for breakfast? Milk. 3. What do adult pandas eat? Bamboos.

4. Why are pandas endangered? Less forest for pandas to live. 5. What is one way of saving pandas? Teaching children.

2d Complete the sentences using words and phrases from the passage. 1. The panda _______ keepers at the Chengdu Research Base are awake very early in the morning to _______ prepare breakfast for the baby pandas. 2. Adult pandas do not have babies very ____, and some of the babies only live for often a short time because of illnesses _______.

3. Another reason for fewer and fewer pandas is because people are cutting down ____ so pandas have fewer places to live. trees 4. A special program in Chengdu teaches _______ about why pandas are endangered __________ children and how to save them. 5. The Chinese __________________ government is also helping to save the pandas. It’s _______________ necessary to plant more trees to make more homes for the pandas.

Write a short passage about pandas ,according to we have learned this class. Key words:c

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