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宾语从句 2九年级复习

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Can you guess how old my daughter is?

I think that __________________.

The Object Clause
Can you guess how old my daughter is?

宾 语 从 句

Do you know how long I have been a teacher?

I think that she is 10 years old.

I guess that you have been a teacher for 13 years.


宾语从句 状语从句 并列句 简单句 定语从句

初 中 阶 段




定义:复合句是由一个主句 和一个或一个以上的从句构 成的句子。

重点掌握、 灵活运用


1.定义、 结构


宾 语 从 句

知识梳理 建构体系
full marks (满分) the final computer exam (计算机毕业考试) congratulations to you (祝贺你们)

I believe that you can do the best. Structure:

主 谓
主句 引导词


Definition: 在复合句中起宾语作用的从句叫做宾语从句。


Dear grandma, I was sorry to hear that grandpa had a cold last week. I want to konw whether he is well or not not. I hope that grandpa is well now.Can you guess if I got full marks in the computer exam?I am not sure when my father will leave for Fengnan. Could you please tell me what his plan is? 当一般疑问句充当宾语时,由if\whether引导。 Love, Alan

( A )1.—Could you tell me ___he came here?(2012,安徽) — He drove here himself. A. How B. why C. when D. whether ( D )2.We haven't decided ___ we will go there for a picnic or not tomorrow.(2011,泰安) A. if B. why C. when D. whether.

True or False(判断正误): 1、I don’t know how old is he.( F ) (2011随州) 2、I don’t know how old he is.( T ) 3、Can you tell me when did you get the prize?( F ) (2012, 北京) 4、Can you tell me when you got the prize?( T )

Structure: 引导词 +



引导词 +主语+谓语 +其他成分


e.g: 1.I don’t know how old he is.
引导词 + 主语+ 系

2.Can you tell me when you got the prize? 3.He asked who could answer the question.

引导词 +主语+谓语 +其他成分
+谓语 +其他成分 +主语

4. I don't know how many books she
引导词 +名词

wants to have


类似的句子还有:What’s wrong? What’s the matter? What’s happening? What happened? Which is smaller? 5.I don’t know what’s the matter.

( B )3.Can you tell me ______?(2012, 武汉) A. whose is the book. B. whose book it is C. whose it is book. ( B )4.I am not sure__________ (2011,徐州) A.who does go to work by bus B.who goes to work by bus C.who did go to work by bus.

( B)1. I didn’t see Lucy at the party last night. Do you know ___? A. why didn’t she come B. what happened C. when would she arrive D. where she has been.(2012威宁) ( A)2.—Could you tell m

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