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1. Who _____ over there now?

A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sing

2. It’s eight o’clock. The students _____ an English class.

A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

3. Listen! The baby _____ in the next room.

A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

4. Look! The twins _____ new sweaters.

A. are wearing B. wearing C. are wear D. is wearing

5. Don’t talk here. Grandparents _____.

A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

6. Tom is a worker. He ___ in a factory. His sisters ____ in a hospital.

A. work / work B. works / work C. work / works D. works/works

7. Who _____ English best in your class?

A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. is speak

8. Mrs Read _____ the windows every day.

A. is cleaning B. clean C. cleans D. is clean

9. We _____ music and often _____ to music.

A. like/ listen B. likes/ listens

C. like/ are listening D. are listening/ like

10. She _____ up at six in the morning.

A. get B. gets C. getting D. is getting

11. On Sunday he sometimes _____ his clothes and sometimes _____ some shopping.

A. wash, do B. is washing, is doing

C. washes,does D. wash ,does

12. The twins usually _____ milk and bread for breakfast, but Jim _____ some coffee for it.

A. have,have B. have, has C. has, have D. have , haves


1. My father always __________(come) back from work very late.

2. The teacher is busy. He __________ (sleep) six hours a day.

3. Listen! Joan __________(sing) in the classroom. She often __________ (sing) there.

4. __________ your brother __________(know) Japanese?

5. Where __________ you __________ (have) lunch every day?

6.The girl __________(like) wearing a skirt. Look! She __________(wear) a red skirt today.


1. work_______ sing______ lay______ study_____

2. dance______ have____ write______ take______

3. run________ sit_______ shop______ swim_______

4. lie_______ stop______ drive______


1.work_____ _read_________ clean_______ write___________

2. teach______ wash_______ guess______ watch__________

3. go_______ do_________match ________catch__________

4.study_____ fly________ cry________ play_________

5. have______



1. He likes

2. She is

3. They’ re


4. The twins are eating some meat.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

5. Tom is flying the kite now.(用every day改写)

6. Mary often draws pictures in the evening.(用now 改写)


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