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2013-2014第二学期八年级英语期末考试卷 (满分:100分,时间:80分钟)

学校_____________ 班级______________ 姓名___________________学号____________ 一、 单项选择。(15分) ( )1. My parents ________ Shandong for ten years. A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to A. the busier D. have been B. the busyest ( )2. Of all the streets in Beijing, Wangfujing is ___. C. busiest D. the busiest ( )3.—Daniel likes reading ________ the sun. —Oh, it’s bad for his eyes. A. in B. under C. around D. with ( )4.Spring is coming,and it is getting__________. A.warm and warm B.warmer and warmer C.cold and cold D.colder and colder ( )5. Don’t eat that meat.It smells________. A.dirty B.delicious C.bad D.badly ( )6. Oh.What a________ lesson.I really get_________ with it. A.bored/ bored B.boring/ boring C.bored/ boring D.boring/ bored ( )7. Today is Wednesday. He _______ be at home. He _____ be at school. A. can’t, can B. can’t, must C. mustn’t, must D. mustn’t, can ( )8. ________ they are twin sisters, they don’t look like each other. A. Because B. Since C. Though D. However ( )9. The text is ______ easier and ________ interesting than that one. A. more, much B. much, more C. more, more D. much, much ( )10.I’m interested in ____ stamps . A. collect B. collects C. collected D. collecting ( )11. —— Don’t play with fire. ——_________

(1 1)

A .It’s right. B. Sorry, I won’t do it again.

C. It doesn’t matter. D.I know

( )12.I don’t know ______ get high marks in the exams.

A. what to B. how to C. where to D. how ( )13. So far,we _____more than two thousand English words.

A. have learned B. learned

C. has learned D. learn

( )14.—_________? —She’s kind and friendly.

A.How does she like B.What is she like

C.What does she like D.What is she look like

( )15.It’s_________ unpopular song.So ______people enjoy listening to it.

A.an / a few B.a / few C.an / few D.a / a few


Swimming is very popular. People like 16 in summer because water makes people feel 17 . If you like swimming but swim in a wrong place, it may be 18 . These years, a lot of people 19 when they were 20 themselves in the water, and most of them were students. Some people are not 21 in swimming. They often think they swim so well that 22 will happen to them in the water. Summer is here again. If you 23 swimming this summer, don’t get into water when you are 24 . If there is a “No Swimming ”sign, still don’t get into water. If you remember these, swimming 25 safe. Swimming is good for your health.

( )16.A.boating B.running C.swimming D.skating


D.danger ( )17.A.hot B.cool C.cold ( )18.A.dangerous B.happy C.safe

( )20.A.enjoying

( )21.A.careless

( )23.A.will go

( )24.A.alone

( )25.A.is ( )19.A.dying B.died C.dead D.death B.enjoyed C.helping D.helped B.care C.careful B.go C.goes B.lonely C.safe B.be C.will be


(2 2) D.carefully D.went D.danger D.will ( )22.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something 三、 阅读理解。(20分)

In almost every big university in the United States, football is a favorite sport. American football is not like soccer.

Players sometimes kick(踢) the ball, but they also throw(扔) the ball and run with it. They try to take it to the other end of the field; they have four chances to move the ball ten yards(码). They can carry it or throw it. If they move it to the end of the field, they receive six points. This is called a touch-down(持球触地).

It’s difficult to move the ball. Eleven men on the team try to stop the man who has the ball. If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the other team. Thousands of people come to watch. They all yell for their favorite team. They dance and jump while they yell. Each team plays ten or eleven games each season. The season begins in September and ends in November. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again on January the first. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on TV.

( )26.In America, football players can _______.

A.only kick the ball

C.only carry the ball

A.ten players B.only throw the ball D.kick, throw and carry the ball B.eleven players D.thirteen players ( )27.There are _______ on each team. C.twelve players

( )28.If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team has to _______.

A.go home C.run with it B.carry the ball D.kick the ball to ten yards the other team

( )29.The best teams play again _______.

A.on Christmas B.after the season ends D.on Sunday C.on New Year’s Day

( )30.The underlined word “yell” in the passage means “_______”.

A.shout(喊) loudly B.jump C.talk loudly D.sing


2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA debut (初次亮相) on

(3 3)

October 23,2002 and got 6 points for the Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he scored 16 points in another game.

Yao Ming, 22, has been a star in China for some time, but it is still under question as to whether he can play well in the NBA. Yao Ming said,“When you watch it on TV, it looks very easy. But when you are playing in the NBA , it is really difficult.”He said that joining the Houston Rockets was a new start and a new challenge.“I hope that through very hard work I can make everyone happy and help the Rockets win more games.”he said.

Yao Ming can speak some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They don’t think there is a language problem. They say that Yao Ming is one of the best players in their team. They all like him.

( )31.On October 23, 2002, Yao Ming played his _______ game in the NBA.

A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

( )32.Yao Ming scored _______ points in the first two games for the Houston Rockets.

A.6 B.13 C.22 D.28 ( )33.Yao Ming thinks that _______. A.it is boring to play basketball B.playing in the NBA is not easy C.it is difficult to watch NBA games on TVD.he is an NBA star A.Yao Ming often watches TV B.Yao Ming will work hard for his team C.Yao Ming is a very strong player

D.The Rockets has lost several games

( )35.What’s the passage?

A.An ad B.A notice C.An instruction D.A news report 。 (C)

A farmer who lived in a small village had a bad pain in the chest. This never seemed to get any better. The farmer decided that he would go to see a doctor in the nearest town. But as he was a miserly(小气) person, he thought he would find out how much he would have

(4 4) ( )34.From the passage we can learn that _______.

to pay the doctor. He was told that a sick person had to pay three pounds for the first visit and one pound for the second visit. The farmer thought about this for a long time, and then he decided to go to the doctor in the town.

As he came into the doctor’s room, he said, “Good morning, doctor. Here I am again.” The doctor was a little surprised. He asked him a few questions, checked his chest and then took the pound which the farmer insisted on giving him. Then the doctor said with a smile, “Well, sir, there’s nothing new. Please go on taking the same medicine I gave you the first time you came to see me.”

( )36.Why did the farmer decide to go to see a doctor in the town?

A.Because the doctor in the village had been unable to save him. B.Because he had a fever. C.Because he suffered from a pain in the head. D.Because the pain didn’t seem to get better.

( )37.How many pounds did a sick person have to pay the doctor in the town for two visits?

A.Four. B.Three. C.One. A.In the village.

C.At the doctor’s.

A.Some medicine. B.On the farm. D.In the city. C.Smile. D.A pound.


One day a dentist(牙医) was starting his morning work. Suddenly a man ran in. His face was red and he could only say “Quick! Quick!” The dentist thought he must be very ill. His assistant helped to make the poor man sit in a chair. The dentist gave the man some medicine to make him sleep. Then, he looked into the man’s mouth and pulled out all the bad teeth. As soon as the man woke up, he said in a low voice, “Quick, doctor, quick.”

(5 5) D.Two. ( )38.Where did the doctor check the farmer? ( )39.What did the farmer give the doctor? B.Nothing. ( )40.The doctor asked the farmer _______ A.something new about his illness B.to go on taking the same medicine C.to come again D.to give him some more pounds

“It’s all right now,” the dentist told him. “It’s over.” “You don’t understand,” said the man, “I came to tell you your house is on fire.”

( )41.The story took place (发生) _______.

A.in the morning B.in the afternoon

C.in the evening

A.over D.at night D.rich ( )42.When the man ran in, the dentist thought he must be _______. B.ill C.all right ( )43.The man _______ after he took some medicine. A.began to work B.began to cry C.went home D.went to sleep

A.a tooth B.a bad tooth C.all the bad teeth D.all the teeth

( )45.The man ran in _______.

A.because he was ill B.because he wanted to sleep C.to tell the dentist that he was all right D.to tell the dentist that his house was on fire

Mike: Hello! 46

Jack: Speaking.

Mike: This is Mike. Hi, Jack. I have two tickets for a basketball match. 47

Jack: I’d love to. 48

Mike: Let’s make it two. Jack: 49

Mike: At my home. Jack: OK. 50

(6 6) ( )44.The dentist pulled _______ out of the man’s mouth. 四、情景交际。(5分)


学校_____________ 班级______________ 姓名___________________学号____________ 一、单项选择(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分) 1、( )2、( )3、( )4、( ) 5、( ) 6、( )7、( )8、( )9、( ) 10、( )11、( )12、( )13、( )14、( )15、( ) 二、完型填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) 16、( )17、( )18、( )19、( ) 20、( ) 21、( )22、( )23、( )24、( )25、( ) 三、阅读理解(共200小题,每小题1分,满分20分) 26、( )27、( )28、( )29、( ) 30、( ) 31、( )32、( )33、( )34、( )35、( )36、( ) 37、( )38、( )39、( )40、( ) 41、( ) 42、( )43、( )44、( )45、( ) 四、情景交际(共5小题,每小题2分,满分5分) 46、( ) 47、( )48、( )49、( )50、( ) 五、 根据句意或动词适当形式填空。(15分,每小题1分) 1. I spend half an hour (walk) slowly around the lake. 2. I go to dancing club (two ) a week 3. I (buy) some books last week. 4. They (have) a meeting this time yesterday. 5. you ever (visit) the Grand Canyon? 6. My sister is very smart and always has (use)ideas. 7. Thank you for _________ (agree) to ______ (let) me join the trip. 8. I have (know) the place for many years. 9. My cousin turned off the TV and _______ (take) his dog for a walk. 10. Look! It is _______ (get) darker and darker. I’m sure it’ll rain soon. 11. Look! The children (plant) flowers in the garden. 12. I feel much (well) than before 13. I often practice (speak) foreign languages. 14. Do you mind (order) one for me? 15. Do you remember the girl (call) “angel”? 六、句型转换。(每空一词)(10分,每空1分) 1. I have already cooked breakfast . (改为一般疑问句) ____________ you________ breakfast ? (7 7)

2. It takes him ten minutes to walk to the office every day .(同义句转换)

He __________ten minutes ________to the office every day .

3. Daniel lived in Nangjing ten years ago.(同义句转换) Daniel ________ in Nangjing since ten years ago . 4. They have stayed in Shanghai for three years .(对画线部分提问) ______ have they in Shanghai ?


1、上周李明决定自己装修房子。 Last week Li Ming to decorate the house himself.

2、那个小人儿和我的小手指一样大。 The man was the same my little finger.

3、你闲暇时都喜欢去哪里? do you like to go in you .


Reading books can _______ my _______



1、 有很多游客,他们给猴子喂食,和老虎玩耍。

2、 动物对人很友好,我们应该善待动物。

3、 保护环境非常重要,动物园内不要乱扔垃圾。

4、 知道了野生动物保护的重要性,因为保护动物就是保护我们自己。

(8 8)



1、( A)2、( D )3、( A)4、(B ) 5、( C ) 6、(D )7、(B )8、

(C )9、( B ) 10、( D )11、( B)12、( B)13、(A )14、(B )

15、(C )


16、(C )17、( B )18、( A)19、( B ) 20、( A ) 21、( C )22、( A )

23、( B )24、( A )25、( C )


26、( D)27、(B )28、( D)29、( C) 30、( A ) 31、( A)32、( C )

33、(B )34、( B )35、( D )36、( D ) 37、( A)38、( C )39、(D )

40、( B)41、( A ) 42、( B )43、( D )44、( C )45、( D )


46、( C ) 47、(D )48、( A )49、( E)50、( B)

五、 根据句意或动词适当形式填空。(15分,每小题1分)

1、walking 2、 twice 3、 bought 4、 were having 5、 Have visited 6、 useful

7、 agreeing let 8、 known 9、 took 10、 getting 11、are planting 12、 better

13、speaking 14、ordering 15、called


1、 Have cooked yet 2、 spends walking 3、have lived 4、How long stayed


1、decided by 2、 tiny size as 3、 Where spare time 4、improve knowledge


(9 9)

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