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Unit 9
What does he look like?
Section B

a writer short, black hair medium height wears a black coat

is thinking ……

Beckham is a famous

football player. He is
tall. He is of medium build. He has short blonde hair. He is wearing a T-shirt.

This is Jackie Chan.

He is a famous actor.
He is of medium height.

He has short straight
hair and a big nose. Jackie Chan is good at Chinese kung fu.

Hello! My name is Kate Green.

I’m 13 years old. I’m from
America, and I live in New

York. I like reading and writing.
I’m of medium height. I have

blonde curly hair. I’m a little
bit heavy, but I’m really

funny and smart.

2b. Read the newspaper article. Which shows the real criminal?
An Interview Job Joe Brown has a very interesting job. He is a police artist. Some people see crimes and then talk to Joe. They tell him what the criminal looks like. Then Joe draws a picture of the criminal, and the police put it in newspaper in the newspapers and on television to find him.

He wants to draw a good picture of each criminal, but this job is sometimes difficult. Many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently. Also, they don’t always remember well. “The criminal is of medium build and young. He has long straight brown hair and big eyes,” says one woman. Another woman says, “ He is tall and thin, and he has curly blond hair. He’s about thirty years old.” In the end, the real criminal is short and heavy old man, and he has short black hair!

Language Points
1. And the police put it in newspapers and on television to find him. 警察把画像放在报纸和电视上来寻找此人。 police 意为警察、警方,为集合名词,和people (人、人们)的用法相似。如: Several police were injured during the rioting. 数名警察在暴动中受伤。 表达“一名警察”时,要用a policeman /policewoman 在英语中, 表达“在报纸上”用in newspapers, 不用on. 在电视里,用on television, 而不是 in television.

2. Many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently. 人们并不是总以相同的方式看待事物,所以他们会将 同一个人描述的不一样。 (1)same 和 different 是一对反义词,前者表示相同 的,后者表示不同的。 same 用作形容词时,常用来修饰名词,且前面常加 定冠词 the. 如: the same way 相同的方法,相同的方式。 the same person 同一个人。 differently 是 different 的副词形式,在句中修饰动词 describe。

(2) people 和 person people 表示“人,人们”,为复数名词; person 为单个的人,有复数形式 persons 。 如,2个人 two persons. He is a very nice person. 它是一个很好的人 There are a lot of people in the bus. 公共汽车上有很多人。

2c. Read the article again and write what the word in the words in bold refer to.
Joe Brown 1. He = ______________

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