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一.. 写出下列单词的反义词

white hair

1.tall ______

2.heavy ______

3.curly hair ____________

4. long hair __________


1. 中等身材 12. 下棋

2. 高个儿 13.一个流行歌手

3. 长着短卷发 14. 我最喜欢的电影演员

4. 看起来像 15. 长着金发

5. 一个新朋友 16. 留着胡子

6. 篮球队 17. 戴着滑稽的眼镜

8. 有一点文静 18. 有一个新外形

9. 爱讲笑话 19. 穿着牛仔裤

10. 停止谈话 20. 去购物

11. 喜欢看书

三. 翻译下面的句子

1.你的朋友长的怎么样? 她中等身材, 卷头发。

--What _____ your friend_____ _____?

--She ____ ___ ________ _____and she has _____ ____.

2. 你妹妹长的怎么样? 她很高,很瘦,长长的直发。

--What does your sister _____ _____?

--She is ____ and ____, and she has ____ ______ ______.

3. 你认识那位短发女孩吗? 是的, 我认识。

-- ____ you know that girl _____ _____ _____?

-- Yes, I do.

4 她喜欢卷而短的头发, 而她妹妹却喜欢长而直的头发。 She likes ______ _____ hair, but her sister likes

______,_______ hair.

5. 我的老师满头银发,戴着一副眼镜。

My teacher _____ ______ ______ and ________

a pair of glasses.


1. That boy is really t____. He is a basketball player.

2. I like swimming. So my hair is very s_____.

3. Tom’s father is not tall. He is of m_______ height.

4. Our English teacher is good –looking with a

medium b_____.

5. The pop star is really cool. He has long and

s_______ hair.

五. 选词填空

blonde medium build curly


glasses bald medium height

1. I have a new look. Now I wear ________.

2. He has no hair. He is ______.

3. Her hair is very straight. It is not ______.

4. He is not short or tall . He’s of ______________.

5. She is not thin or heavy . She has a _____________.

6. Her hair is not black or brown. It is ________.

六. 根据问句选词填空

wears black curly hair mustache

medium blonde hair

1. A: What does Mary look like?

B: She is tall. She has long ____________.

2. A: Do you know Carlos? He has a ________ build.

B: Yes, I know him. He has black ___________.

3. A: What does Jackie Chan look like? Does he have brown hair? B: No, he has straight _______ hair.

4. A: Does Melissa wear glasses now?

B: Yes, now she _______ glasses.

5. A: What does Charlie Chaplin look like?

B: He has a __________.

七. 单项选择

1. The boy _____ black hair _____ a blue coat.

A. has, has B. with, in C. has, wears D. with, wears

2. People like wearing _____ in hot days.

A. a glass B. glass C. glasses D. The glass

3. -- What does your friend look like?

-- _________.

A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl

C. She likes music D. She has good-looking

4. -- Lucy doesn’t have curly hair.

-- Yes, we can say she has _______hair.

A. bald B. blonde C. short D. straight

5. --Which is your teacher?

--The one ________ thick glasses is.

A. wears B. wear C. with D. has

6. --Is Miss Gao tall?

--No, she isn’t tall, and she isn’t short, too.

She is _________ .

A. of medium height B. of medium build

7. --Who is in the classroom now?

-- ________. All the students are on the


A. Someone B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Mary


8. --Tom is not very heavy.

--Yes, I think we can say he is ______ heavy.

A. a little B. a bit C. a little bit D. A, B and C

9. -- __________?

-- He has big eyes and small nose.

A. How old is he B. What does he do

C. What does he look like D. How is he

八. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. She is the _______ (win) of the swimming race.

2. He’s ________ (real) thin.

3. Is Zhang Ziyi your favorite ________ (act).

4. The story is very _______ (fun).

5. Johnny Dean is a rock ________ (sing).

九. 连词成句

1. look does, he, what, like

2. has, beautiful, she, black hair, long

3. she, thin, and, medium, I, build, think, is, of

4. is, who, musician, favorite, your

5. always, a pair of, glasses, he, wears, heavy


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