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课题: 七年级英语Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.

Section B PeriodⅠ(1a-1d)

主备人: 刘仁仙 授课教师: 授课时间:

Ⅰ.Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects

a. words and phrases :1) n. practice, dish

2) adv. out, before

3) go out, do the dishes b. Sentences: Can Dave go out on school nights?

No, he can’t.

2. Ability Objects

Speaking, reading and listening skills

3. Moral Objects

Children should obey the rules in their houses and places. As a student, they should follow the rules of school.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points

Improve Ss’ listening skills.

Ⅲ. Teaching Difficulties

Distinguish can, must and have to

Ⅳ.Teaching Methods

Reading and explanation.

Listening and speaking methods, group work, role-play

Ⅴ.Teaching Aids:

A recorder, some chalks

Ⅵ. Teaching Procedures

Step1.Warm-up and revision

Review the words and phrases we have learned last period. Have a detection.

Step2. Lead-in

Write these phrases on the blackboard. Lead Ss to translate them. Give Ss three minutes to read. Let Ss get familiar with them.

1. go out on school nights 2. see friends

3. do his homework 4. practice the guitar

5. do the dishes 6. watch TV

7. help his mom make breakfast 8. clean his room

Step3. Finish 1a

Lead Ss to see these pictures. Match the words with the pictures.

T: What’s the rule?

S1: do the dishes

T: What’s the rule?

S2: practice the guitar

Step4. Finish 1b

(1)Listen and put an× for things Dave can’t do and a √ for things he has to do.

(2)Check the answers.

A: Can Dave …?

B: Yes, he can./No, he can’t.

Step5. Finish 1c

Listen again. Write when Dave has to follow the rules in the chart in 1b. Choose from the phrases in the box.

on school nights every Saturday before dinner in the evening

on school days after dinner after school every morning Step6. Finish 1d

Talk about the rules in Dave’s house.

A: Can Dave go out on school nights?

B: No, he can’t.

A: Does Dave have to do his homework after school?

B: Yes, he does.


Ask one student to summarize this period. Then teacher gives the summary.

Ⅷ. Homework

Finish the work on their work book.

Do a survey.

What are some rules in your classmates’ homes?

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