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新目标英语七年级下册第十二单元导学案 2

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太 阳 中 心 学 校 七 年 级 英 语 导 学 案

年级: 七年级 课题:Unit12 Don’t eat in class. (Section A) 主备教师: 陈 梦 _时间:_2012-2-10 学生姓名:


. 1. 掌握下列词汇:school ruler,in the hallway,in the classroom,be late for,fight, in

the dining hall outside,else,have to.

2.掌握下列句型:Don’t arrive late for class.

Can you wear hats in school?

What else do you have to do?

3. 学会谈论学校的各种规则。


一、词汇翻译。 1. 在课堂上吃东西 2. 上学迟到

3 在走廊上跑 4 听音乐

5 在餐厅_______________________ 6. 戴帽子___________________ 二 合作探究

1.else与other都可以表示__________,else 放在所修饰词_______other放在所修饰词________。

Eg: What_______did you do yesterday? What’s that in you r______ hand? 2 . Don’t eat in the classroom.

祈使句以_______________ 开头,否定祈使句在动词前加__________.

Eg: 肯定形式 否定形式

Open the door. _______________________________

Be shy. _______________________________ Close the window. ___________________________

Talk in the class. ____________________________

3.have to,“必须”,用于否定句和疑问句中时,要根据时态加助动词。 Eg: We ofen _________(not have to) finish our homework at school _______ she _______(have) to go to school tomorrow? He _________(not have) to get up early yesterday.


一. 根据汉语提示完成句子:

1. Do you have any ________ (规章制度)in your school?

2. We can’t run______________(在走廊里) and we can’t eat _________________(在教室里) 3. They __________ (必须)clean their classroom ____________(每天) 4.Does she have to __________(穿校服)? 5. __________ (不要)eat in the classroom. 二. 同义句转换。 (1).You can’t open the door. Don’t ( open ) the door. (2).You can’t talk in the class. Don’t ( talk ) in the class.

(3).You can’t run in the hallway. Don’t ( run ) in the hallway.

(4).You have to listen to the teacher carefully.

(5).Don’t fight. You ( fight ). 三.你能翻译下面的句子吗


2.我们能在学校吃饭吗? 3.你还不得不做些别的事吗? 4.我们能在学校里戴帽子吗? 5.你上体育课必须穿运动鞋 6.Do we have to wear a uniform? Yes, we do. 7. Can we listen to music in class ? No, you can’t. 8.You can’t fight with anyone.

9.At school, we have to clean the classroom. 10. That makes the teachers really unhappy.


1. We have to wear uniforms at school.(改为一般疑问句) you to wear uniforms at school? 2.You can eat in class.(改为否定句)

You in class.

3. Let’s play games after school.(同上) Let’games after school.

太 阳 中 心 学 校 七 年 级 英 语 导 学 案

年级: 七年级 课题Unit12 Don’t eat in class. (Section B)_主备教师: 陈 梦 _ 时间: 2012-2-10 _学生姓名: __


1. 掌握下列词汇wash,no talking, be in bed,on school nights, too many,family

rules,the Children’sPalace.

2. 能熟练使用目标语言谈论对莫些规章制度(校规、家规)的看法。 3. 会给学校、班级、家庭、图书馆、实验室等场所写公约。

一、预习感知 1.英汉互译

1.太多 2.起床3.每天早上 4. 5.在上课的晚上 6.帮助某人做某事 7.做饭 8.少年宫 9.have fun___________

10.在10 点之前11.出去 12.after school___________ 2. Do you have many rules in your house? Can you tell me something about it?

二 合作探究

1. Don’tgo out on school nights.

On school night 指一个______的夜晚。At night 泛指在夜晚。 拓展:___________,families often stay in the open air near their houses. The story happened ____________________of October 25,1980. 2. ……wash my clothes. wash: _________

拓展: do some washing__________ wash your hands before dinner.___________

washing machine________ washroom_____________

3.I have too many rules in my house.

too many:__________________ too much ____________ Eg: There are ___________ flowers in the garden. I have _____________ homework this evening. 4.Later I have to go to the Children’s Palace…….

Later表示________________,表示具体时间的名词+later = after+表示具体时间的名词 Eg: three years later=_____________________

拓展: later on ___________ two days later________________。 【检测反馈】


1. I’m wearing the school u you do?

me with my English yesterday. food in the fridge. 6. Some students can’ 7.You can’ 8. Don’, your father is sleeping. 二.用所给词的适当形式填空。

( play ) football. 2.No ( drink),please. ( not be ) late for class. 4.I want a teacher. 5.I had fun ( work ) in Beijing. 三.句型转换。

1. We can listen to music outside .(改为否定句)。 We to music outside.

2. We have to wear a uniform at shool. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)。you --Yes,we .

3. John has to clean his room every weekend. (改为否定句)。 to clean his room every weekend. 就画线部分提问)

(就画线部分提问) Mike to do first after school? 6.You don’t have to get up so early .(同义句转换) You

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