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九年级英语优秀教学设计 语言知识目标

Language goals 目标语言

1. Words and phrases 单词和短语

Health, healthy, diet, stay away from, chips, coke, coffee, sprite, hamburgers

2. Sentence structure: 句型

1) what do you have for your breakfast?

2) What do you have for your lunch?

3) What’s your favorite fruit?/ drink?

4) What should we do if we want to have a healthy diet?


How to keep a healthy diet? 以及 How to give advice?











Key points:

1. Learn the key words.

2. Learn to share your own pinion about healthy diet.


Train students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


a computer, blackboard, some food


Step 1 .Lead in and show the language goals.

1. Lead the students talk about the importance of health.

Health is just like the number “1” in the number 100,000. Without “1”, the number is meaningless. Similarly(同样地),without health, there is nothing.

T: (设计意图:通过教师的引导,让学生明白健康的重要性,并让学生了解本课的语言目标。提升学生对健康的正确理解,增强学生参与的积极性。)

Step 2. Jack’s diet

Show the food that Jack often eat.

T: look at Jack’s food, and think about the question if Jack is healthy.

S: No.

T: If Jack wants to be healthy, what should he do?

S: stay away from(远离) the unhealthy food and unhealthy drink.


T: If we want to be healthy,what should we do?

S:We should stay away from the unhealthy food and unhealthy drink.

T: What are unhealthy food and what are unhealthy drink?

S: chips,hot dogs, hamburgers, coke,coffee,sprite....


T: Do you think I am healthy?

S: Yes.

T: So do you want to know my diet? Now guess what I eat for my three meals. S: for breakfast, you eat...

For lunch, your eat...

For supper, you eat...

T: As we all know, a healthy diet include healthy food and healthy drink. Then what are healthy food and what are healthy drink?

S1: rice, vegetables, fruit, meat are healthy food.

T: anything else?

S2: I also think water, milk, juice are healthy drink.


Step 3 advice collection.

T: Mary is not healthy, she often gets cold. What should she do? Can you give her some advice.

S1: You should eat some apples.

S2: You are supposed to drink more milk.

S3: You had better eat more vegetables.

S4: Why not eat more pears and drink more water.


(设计意图:在情境交际中让学生掌握交际用语,操练巩固重点句型,提高口语表达能力。) Step 4 healthy tips:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

一天一苹果,医生远离我 。

Light supper makes long life


After lunch sit a while; after supper walk a mile .


(设计意图:掌握一些英语关于饮食的习惯表达方式。让学生养成用英语思考的习惯。) Step 5 practice ( solve problem)

T: look at the picture and find out what’s Tom’s problem.

S: He is too heavy and not healthy.

T: Can you give Tom some advice.

Tip 1: Don’t _________________________.

Tip 2: You’d better (not) ______________.

Tip 3: It’s a good idea to ______________.

Tip 4: ……

(设计意图: 让学生回归到语言学习的本质上来,在真实情境下正确运用语言,同时也是对上面所学内容的一次很好的总结)

Step 6 exercise




医生: __________________________________

病人: I’m not feeling well.

医生: __________________________________

病人: What should I do?


病人: Oh, I see. What else?


(设计意图: 用于致用。同时也是很好的起到为中考服务的目的,毕竟目前所进行的是话题式的复习)

Step 7 Summary

1. Have the students sum up the contents in this class from the words, phrases, and grammar.

Step 8 Homework:

Write a short passage about your diet, and tell us if your diet is healthy.


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