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Unit 6 Outdoor fun



Alice was outside one sunny day. Shewasn’t at home one sunny day.


was not They were in the field. They weren’t on the playground.


were not

be 动词 肯定句:?主语+was/were+其他 .

否定句:?主语+was/were not+其他 .

1. Mary was (be) at home yesterday. She wasn’t(be not) at school . 2. The boy is (be) in the library now. But he wasn’t (be) in the classroom just now, because he had an Chinese lesson. 3. We weren’t (be not) in Beijing last week. We were (be) at home. 4. Kitty and I weren’t (be not) happy because of the bad weather this morning.

The rabbit took of its pocket.

a watch out did not take


The rabbit didn’t take a carrot out of its pocket. Alice jumped down a hole after the rabbit.


Alice didn’t jump down a river after the rabbit.


?主语+动词过去式+其他 . 肯定句:
?主语+did not +动词原形+其他 否定句: .

1. We always went

(go) to Shanghai when I was a child.

2. They didn’t go (not go) to school last Wednesday, they had (have) a match.

3. Mike drove (drive) to Nanjing three days ago, he didn’t take (not, take) a train there.

4. She seldom arrived (arrive) home late after work, but she came (come) back at 10p.m. yesterday.

Was Alice angry surprised at the at rabbit? the rabbit?
Yes, she was. No, she wasn’t.

Did Alice go find through the keythe to the small door? Yes, she did. No, she didn’t.

一般疑问句: be 动词 ?Was/were+主语+其他?

?Yes,主语 +was/were.
No,主语 +wasn’t/weren’t.



No,主语+ didn’t.

1. The girl was at home last night. (改成一般疑问句,并作肯 定回答)

Was the girl at home last night? Yes, she was.
2. They played football on the playground ten minutes ago. (改成一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

Did they play football on the playground ten minutes ago?

No, they didn’t.

1. Remember how to make positive sentences, negative sentences using the simple past tense.

2. Remember how to ask and answer questions using the simple past tense.

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