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1、I leave school at five o’clock and begin to swim at five thirty .(改写句子,主语改为he) school at five o’begins to swim at five thirty.

2、Is Lily swimming now ?(用every day改为一般现在时) 3、就划线部分提问)

you to the library ?


5、Mike is an American boy .(变为同义句)


7、There is some bread in the bag .(改为一般疑问句)

bread in the bag ?

8、She is a Chinese girl.(改为复数形式) 9、就划线部分提问)


10、Give them some cakes , please.(改写句子,使句意不变)

Please give some cakes .

11、I’d like a piece of bread .(就划线部分提问) ?

12、He can put the bag in the car .(改为一般疑问句)

the bag in the car ?


on the wall ?


to buy ?

15、Show him our photos .(改为否定句) him our photos.


to drink?

17、I’d like some bread for breakfast.(改为一般疑问句)

bread for breakfast?

18、Turn left at the third turning.(同义句)

the left.

19、We need some help.(变为一般疑问句) help ?


the hospital from here ?



22、Does she always go to school at seven ?(将主语改为复数句子)

to school at seven ?

23、Mary goes to the library once a week .(就划线部分提问)

to the library ?

24、How many books are there on the table?

there on the table ?

25、Where is the hospital ,please ?(变为同义句)

to the hospital ?

26、What’s the weather like today ? the weather today ?

27、How interesting the book is !(变为同义句)

interesting the book is !

28、What a clever boy he is ! (同上)

the boy is !

29、These are beautif flowers .(变为感叹句)

flowers they are !

30、The weather is nice .(变为感叹句)

the weather is !

31、I will watch TV this evening .(变为一般疑问句)

TV this evening ?


tomorrow ?

33、I will go shopping this afternoon.(变为一般疑问句)

shopping this afternoon ?

34、There is going to be an English evening tonight .(变为同义句)

an English evening tonight.

35、Shall we go hiking next week ?(变为同义句)

going hiking next week ?

36、People will give you something red as a present on your birthday .(变为同义句)

37、How about meeting at the school gate ?(变为同义句)

38、There were some boats on the river.(变为否定句)

39、Jack can drive a car , too.(变为否定句)

40、There is a knock at the door.(变为同义句)


yesterday ?

42、The Young Pioneers are carrying water for the old woman.(用often改写)

water for the old woman.

43、The children often play football in the afternoon.(用yesterday afternoon 改写)

The children football yesterday afternoon .

44、I reached Shanghai at 5:30 yesterday afternoon(同义句)

Shanghai at 5:30 yesterday afternoon.

45、There was a basketball match between our school and Blue Sky School yesterday.(同义句)

Our school played football Blue Sky School yesterday.

46、Zhao Lei was the first to reach the finishing line in the 100-metre race.(同义句)

in the 100-metre race.

47、How was the weather yesterday?(同义句)

48、She wants to ask for two day’s leave .(同义句)

49、Today I helped my sister learn English .(同义句)

her English.

50、I saw a film yesterday evening .(同义句)

I yesterday evening.

51、Liu Jun went back to Chongqing by plane.(同义句)

back to Chongqing.

52、Jim is busy doing his homework.(同义句)

his homework.

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