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新外研版八年级下册Module8 Time off Unit2 We thought somebody was moving about.阅读课

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? 休假 ? 我们在这里。 ? 欢迎来到… ? 如此…以致… ? 听到某人正在做某事 ? 在市中心 ? 因…而著名 占据公园一多半的面积 ? 沿着湖边散步 ? 爬上小山 为你们指出北京的名胜 ? 去游泳 ? 允许某人做某事 ? 浪费时间 ? 在那上面

Phrases in M8U1 (5’)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

time off Here we are. welcome to … so…that… hear sb. doing sth. in the city center be famous for

take up over half of the park area

? walk along the lake ? climb up the hill ? ? ? ? go for a swim allow sb. to do … waste time up there

? point out the sights of Beijing for you

Sentences in M8U1 (8’)
? 1这里如此安静以致于能听到鸟儿唱歌的声音。 It’s so quiet that I can even hear the birds singing. 2 我几乎不相信我们是在市中心。 I can hardly believe we’re in the city centre. 3 我确信从山顶看(北京)城将会很棒。 I’m sure it’ll be fantastic to see the city from the top. 4 我认为他们不允许人们在湖里游泳。 I don’t think they allow people to swim in the lake . 5 我认为在山顶上野餐更好。 I think it’s better to have our picnic at the top of the hill.

? ? ? ? ? ?

6 为什么不去游泳呢? Why don’t we go for a swim ? 7 让我们不要再浪费更多的时间了。 Let’s not waste any more time. 8 我希望那上面会更凉快。 I hope it will be cooler up there.

Module 8 Time off Unit 2

We thought somebody was moving about.

Lead in

mountain tops above the clouds rocks Talk about the places you have ever traveled. shapes Have you ever been to Zhangjiajie? humans Would you like to say something about it?
Where is it?
How large is it? Where can you stay?

What animals can you see?
What is the most famous thing to see?

Learning aims
1.Memorize 9 key words and 15 key phrases in M8U2, such as pull and wake sb. up. Use them to understand the sequence of events. 2.Understand specific information in the reading material by reading practice, selfstudy and group work. 3. Cultivate love for the motherland great rivers , to inspire the construction of the motherland .

Words and expressions in U2
千米;公里 外形;形状 人 唤醒;醒来 唤醒某人 某人;有人 小路;路径 (用手)拉,牵,扯 淡水的 kilometre shape human wake (woke; woken) wake sb. up somebody path pull freshwater

promise to write 1、承诺写信 have a wonderful time 2、过得非常愉快 3、一片有山、森林和河流的神奇的土地 a magic land of mountains, forests and rivers 480 square kilometers 4、 480平方千米 look like humans 5、像人类 6、在一个小湖旁边安营扎寨camp by a small lake wake everybody up 7、把每个人惊醒 move about 8、四处走动 come out 9、出来 make some noise 10、制造噪音 above the clouds 11、在云彩之上 walk down the path 12、沿着小路走 13、从一种植物上摘了一

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