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新外研版八年级下册Module8 Time off Unit2 We thought somebody was moving about.学案

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潍坊实验中学 初二英语学案 编制: 郭怀秀 张雅楠 审核: 伊淑美 批准: 2014.5.8 We thought somebody was moving about!

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【Learning aims】

1. Can speak out 9 words and 16 phrases in Unit2, such as kilometre and wake everybody up. Understand the passage about tourist attractions.

2. Master the object-clauses by self-study, cooperation and discussion.

3. Love the beautiful sights of our motherland and devote yourself to constructing our country.





1. Some of them look like humans while others look like wild animals.

2. 明天我们将要去洞庭湖,中国第二大淡水湖。.

3. I pulled a leaf off a plant, but Lingling’s uncle said it was wrong to pull a leaf off plants and that we should protect everything here.

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