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新外研版八年级下册Module8 Time off Unit2 We thought somebody was moving about.阅读训练案

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潍坊实验中学初二英语阅读训练学案 编制:伊淑美 审核:伊淑美 审批: 时间:2014-5-6

Module 8 Unit 2 We thought somebody was moving about.

Reading Practice

Task I. Read the email fast and answer the questions:

Q3: What’s her email mainly about?

Task II.

Part 1. Read the passage and match the questions with the paragraphs.

Paragraph 2 The story of their climbing Mount Tianzi

Paragraph 3 Descriptions of Zhangjiajie

Paragraph 4 A special experience at night during the holiday

Part 2 :Careful reading(阅读课文,重在细节把握)

Paragraph 2:

1.Where is Zhangjiajie?

2. How large is it? Paragraph 3: Tell T or F

( ) 1.They camped by a small village.

( ) 2. Betty heard a noise from a monkey.

( ) 3.Lingling’s uncle was worried about the noise.

Paragraph 4:

1.Did they see the lakes and forests from the top?


2.What could they only see?

潍坊实验中学初二英语阅读训练学案 编制:伊淑美 审核:伊淑美 审批: 时间:2014-5-6

3.Was it right to pull leaves off plants?


Paragraph 5 :

1.What do you know about Dongting Lake?

Task III. Read the passage and number the sentences in the correct order.

a) Betty pulled a leaf off a plant.

b) The noise woke everybody up.

c) They climbed Mount Tianzi.

d) A monkey made some noise.

e) They camped by a small lake.

f) Lingling’s uncle said that people should protect everything in Zhangjiajie.

Task IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

1. Are there rocks in in your hometown?

is Zhangjiajie from your hometown? 3. Is it safer to walk along a or climb over rocks?

you were right now?


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