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Unit 3 综合提升

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Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town 综合提升


( ) 1. What about _______ our party later?

A. began

A. likes

A. her; do B. beginning B. is like B. him; do C. begin C. like D. to begin D. is likes ( ) 2. Millie is a good swimmer, and she can swim _______ a fish. ( ) 3. It takes _______ half an hour _______ his homework every day. C. him; to do D. him; doing

( ) 4. The boy is talking to Mary. He is a friend of _______.

A. Mary brother’s B. Mary’s brother’s C. Mary D. sister of Mary’s

( ) 5. —I can’t find my ruler. — Don’t worry. You can use _______.

A. my B. mine C. me D. I

( ) 6. It’s about _______ walk from here to the school.

A. five minute B. five minute’s C. five minutes’ D. five minutes’s

( ) 7. —_______ do you watch TV? — Every three days.

A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How much

( ) 8. These photos are _______. They are not _______.

A. us; your

A. meet B. ours; her C. ours; yours D. her; his B. miss C. make D. move ( ) 9. I am away for three months so I _______ my home very much. ( ) 10. —Shall we go to the cinema? —_______. A. We shall go there B. I don’t know C. Good idea D. I have no time


1. Most of us are looking forward to __________(learn) English well.

2. He gets up late and ____________(miss) the school bus.

3. —May I speak to Charles, please?

—This is ____________(Charles) sister speaking. Who ___________(call), please?

4. After __________(jog) in the park, I go to the ___________(west) restaurant for breakfast.

5. Why not __________(visit) the local theatre? Beijing Opera is _________(know) by people all over the world as a kind of Chinese art.

6. It’s eight o’clock. The policemen __________(watch) the video.

7. The __________(gold) throne in Taihe Palace isn’t ___________(make) of 1


8. We can see ___________(hundred) of fine __________(work) of art and different kinds of ____________ (knife) at the show.


1. Many Chinese love eating ______________ food like KFC.

2. The Summer Palace is a wonderful place______________ in Beijing.

3. Look! Our Chinese team got 87 medals in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Many players did well in the Olympic Games. These medals are the ______________.

4. Millie’s parents ______________ tomorrow evening because she loves watching the films.

5. Let me ______________ my hometown. It’s beautiful.

6. —______________ is it from your home?

—It is 10 minutes by bus.

7. The postcard is not ______________. His postcard is under the table.

8. Sometimes, my father ______________ if it rains heavily.


1. He has nothing to buy in the town center. (改为同义句)

He _______ _______ _______ to buy in the town centre.

2. What other things would you like? (改为同义句)

_______ _______ _______ you _______?

3. My mother wants to go shopping. (改为同义句)

My mother would _______ _______ _______ some _______. 对画线部分提问) _______ _______ _______ it _______ to get from home to school by bike?

5. I think it is a wonderful place to live. (改为否定句)

I _______ _______ it _______ a wonderful place to live. 对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ _______ _______ from his home to the school?


Dalian is a very beautiful city. Every year many people from all over the world 2

Dalian is not very far from Beijing. There is pollution in Dalian so it is very clean. If you take a train in Beijing to go to Dalian, you need to stay in the for about eleven hours. When you arrive in Dalian, you can the beautiful gardens and circuses(马戏团) everywhere. Also, the night view(景色) is more beautiful than any other in China. Dalian is a place to swim. The sea is blue the beach is beautiful. Most of the people on holiday swimming in the sea and walking on the beach. It is wonderful. There are many tall buildings in Dalian. Some hotels there are not so you don’t need to spend too much staying in a hotel. However, you can enjoy staying in it.

This summer, I want to my friends to go on a trip to Dalian. We will have a good time there. ( ) 1. A. our ( ) 2. A. less

B. your

C. their

D. his

D. some D. train D. take

D. hotel

D. and

D. boring

D. practise D. expensive

D. tell

B. much B. car B. buy B. city B. or

C. more C. bus C. play C. good C. finish C. cheap C. make

( ) 3. A. plane ( ) 4. A. see ( ) 5. A. town ( ) 6. A. far

C. country C. before

B. strange B. like B. teach

( ) 7. A. but ( ) 8. A. hate ( ) 10. A. invite 六、阅读理解

( ) 9. A. comfortable B. Clean

Many people take trains for their trips in China, because the train is fast and cheap. But there are many problems when people take trains. It’s not easy to take trains when it is a festival. Lots of people hope someone can solve(解决) the problem.

Then, the CRH trains(和谐号列车) come out. The first CRH train from Beijing to Tianjin runs in August, 2008. There are the letters “CRH” on the head of the train. CRH 1 and CRH 2 can go up to 200 km/h, and CRH 3 can run 300 km/h. Taking CRH trains is more expensive than taking a traditional train, but cheaper than taking a plane. Some people think the CRH trains and their workers are good, and they enjoy the trips by CRH train.

China will start to make a CRH train, 350 kilometres an hour from Beijing to Shanghai. It can 3

Can CRH trains solve all the problems? “Of course not. There is still a long way to go,” about 85% of the people answer.

( ) 1. The first CRH train runs _______.

A. in August, 2009 C. in August, 2008 A. 100 km/h. C. 300 km/h. A. 浪费 B. in May, 2008 D. in June, 2010 B. 200 km/h. ( ) 2. How fast will the CRH train from Beijing to Shanghai go? D. 350 km/h. C. 积攒 D. 拖延 ( ) 3. The word “save” means “_______” in Chinese. B. 节省 ( ) 4. Which of the following is Right about the CRH trains? A. Not all people enjoy taking CRH trains. B. The workers on the first CRH train are not friendly. C. People can see the letters “CRH” on the traditional trains. D. It costs people more money to take CRH trains than to take planes. A. CRH trains don’t help transportation(交通) in China at all. B. People need to look for other ways to solve problems of taking trains. C. Many people think CRH trains have problems. D. About 85% of the people need to go on a trip on foot. ( )5. What can we learn from the fourth paragraph(段落)?


Unit 3



Ⅰ. 1—5 BCCBB

Ⅱ. 1. learning

5. visit; known

Ⅲ. 1. western 6—10 CCCBC 2. misses 2. to visit 3. Charles’s; is calling 4. jogging; western 6. are watching 7. golden; made; gold 8. hundreds; works; knives 3.players’

7. his 8. drives me home 4. are going to/will take her to the cinema 5. show you around 6.How far

Ⅳ. 1. doesn’t have anything

3. like to do; shopping

5. don’t think; is

Ⅴ. 1—5 CADAB



2. What else do; want 4. How long does; take 6. How far is it 6—10 CDBDA


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