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Unit 2 综合提升

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Unit 2 Neighbours 综合提升

一、 单项选择

( ) 1.There _______ a football match this afternoon.

A.will have B.will be C.has D.have

( ) 2. I hope that you _______ a good time this evening.

A.have B.are having C.will have D.has

( ) 3. Simon always _______ other people. He is _______.

A. help; helpful B.helpful; help C. helps; help D. helps; helpful

( ) 4. There _______ a hospital and some restaurants around my neighbourhood.

A. have B.has C. are D. is

( ) 5. He is a strange man. He never talks to _______.

A. someone B. anyone C. something D. anything

( ) 6. _______ you _______ a teacher when you grow up?

A. Will; going to be

C. Are; / B. Are; going to be D. Will; be

( ) 7. People usually _______ “hello” to each other when they make a phone call.

A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk

( ) 8. 【2013·温州】Ann often helps me _______ Maths after school.

A. for B. with C. on D. by

( ) 9.【2013·安顺】John often asks his teacher _______ help.

A. to B. with C. for D. on

( ) 10.【2013·鞍山】It only ______ him 20 minutes _____ to his office every day.

A. takes; to drive

B. took; drive C. takes; drive D. took; to drive


The weather reporter says it 1. ________(be) sunny this weekend. The children 2. _________(have) a picnic in the countryside. Lucy and Lily 3. _________(catch) insects. Yang Ling 4. _________(grow) flowers there. Mike and Ben 5. _________(walk) in the mountains. They 6. ________(cook) lots of nice food and 7_________(play) lots of games. They 8. _________(come) home at 4:30.



1. We want to visit the Chinese _____________ (社区) in San Francisco.

2. Most of these children in the class come from ___________(破裂的) families.

3. Different people have different __________(技能).

4. My father is ___________(固定) the clock on the wall.

5. There are some famous ______________(学院) in Jiangsu Province.

6. Do you know the _____________(工程师) home town?

7. There are two _______________(邮局) around our neighbourhood.

8. They are putting the _____________(艺术家) works on the wall.

9. There are a lot of ____________(通知) on the board.

10. Millie lives two floors ____________(在……下面) Amy.

四、 补全短文(根据首字母和上下文提示写出单词)

I want to be a singer. Because I like 1. l_______ to music very much and I love singing not only Chinese songs but also English 2. o_______. My teachers and classmates say I sing very well. What they say encourages me. From now on, I will practise 3. s_______ both at home and at school. And I plan to find a good music 4. t_______ to teach me how to sing well and I decide to practise more than before. Of course, I should buy some music discs to enjoy and I think I can learn a lot 5. f_______ the pop stars. Please believe me.

五、 从方框中选择恰当的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空

1. —Is your computer _________________ now?

—No. Tom will fix it for me.

2. Are you _________________ these days?

3. There is nothing in the fridge. Let’s _________________.

4. Three _________________ are catching the thief(贼).

5. He always _________________ his health.

6. The students in the classroom are busy _________________.

7. Boys often like _________________. It’s dangerous.

8. —Let’s go for a picnic.


—It _________________. 六、完形填空

Linlin is a boy. He in the No. 5 Secondary School. Every day he gets up early in the morning. Then he reads English Chinese. half past six he breakfast. He goes to school bike.

Class begins at eight in the morning. There are four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. Classes over at four thirty in the afternoon. Sometimes his friends. At five o’clock he leaves school.

In the evening, he does his homework. He likes watching TV. But he doesn’t it from Monday to Friday. He can only it on and Sunday. ( ) 1. A. study ( ) 2. A. of ( ) 3. A. In

B. studying B. and B. On

C. studies D. like studying

D. like

D. At

C. but

C. For

( ) 4. A. has ( ) 5. A. on ( ) 6. A. am ( ) 7. A. with

B. have B. by B. is B. and B. watching

C. eat C. in C. are

D. is eating D. at

D. be

C. or

D. of

D. likes

( ) 8. A. watches ( ) 9. A. sees

C. watch

B. watches

B. Tuesday

C. look D. watch

C. Saturday D. Friday

( ) 10. A. Monday 七、阅读理解

Allen and Albert will visit their pen friend Jerry in France for a week. Before they leave China, Allen and Albert try to learn about France because they don’t know what France is like.

However, when they get to France, Allen and Albert see a lot of Chinese restaurants there. They are very happy. Jerry wants them to have a good trip in France. He takes them to eat noodles, dumplings or rice, and have tea, but not coffee after dinner every day. There are also supermarkets, cinemas, banks and so on. Allen and Albert see many colourful clothes made in China in the supermarkets and they aren’t too expensive.


and lions. Beijing Zoo has these animals, too. They watch some animal shows. Some shows are very wonderful. Many clever animals can do some actions (动作) like men. Elephant shows are Allen and Albert’s favourite.

Allen and Albert go back to China by plane. On it, they think France is just like China. Overall, they have a good time in France.

( ) 1. Jerry may often send _______ to Allen and Albert according to the passage.

A. presents C. letters B. photos D. e-mails

( ) 2. How do Allen and Albert prepare for their trip to France?

A. They learn to speak French. B. They prepare colourful clothes. C. They buy a lot of Chinese food. D. They try to know France well.

( ) 3. Which makes Allen and Albert think that France is just like China?

A. Jerry eats Chinese food. B. Jerry drinks coffee after dinner. C. Jerry can speak Chinese well. D. Jerry sees animal shows.

( ) 4. What does “they” mean in the passage?

A. Planes. C. Chinese. B. Frenchmen. D. Allen and Albert.

( ) 5. What does the passage try to tell us?

A. Wonderful animal shows. B. A great trip in France. C. How to go to France from China. D. What Frenchmen usually do.



Unit 2


Ⅰ. 1—5 BCDDB

Ⅱ. 1. will be

5. will walk

Ⅲ. 1. community

6. engineer’s

Ⅳ. 1. listening

6—10 BABCA 2. will have 6. will cook 2. broken 2. ones 3. will catch 7. will play 3. skills 4. will grow 8. will come 4. fixing 5. colleges 9. notices 10. below 4. teacher 5. from 8. sounds like a good idea 7. post offices 8. artist’s 3. singing Ⅴ. 1.working 2. feeling better 3. do some shopping 4. policemen 5. worries about6. doing their homework 7. making a fire/to make a fire Ⅵ. 1—5 CBDAB



6—10 CACDC


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