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unit9 What does he look like

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Unit 9 What does he look like? Section B







hand face hair arm back

head eye nose mouth


1a. Match the words with the pictures.

1.____ d a big nose a blonde hair 2.____ 3.____ c a small mouth 4.____ b glasses

5.____ c a round face 6.____ a big eyes 7.____ c/ b black hair b a long face 8.____

1b. Make sentences about famous people. Fill in the blanks.
1.______________ Jackie Chan has black hair. Renee Zellweger has a round face. 2._______________ Han Hong wears glasses. 3.____________ 4.____________ Julia Roberts has blonde hair.

茱莉亚· 罗伯茨

蕾妮· 齐薇格

Johnny Dean Tina Brown Job singer movie actress Looks really tall, really long blonde hair, medium like thin curly hair, height, funny glasses beautiful

old heavy/ fat short short


Joe Brown the picture of the criminal the criminal drawing a good picture

many people (who see and describe the criminals )
the criminal

look glasses straight shoes handsome My best friend is Jack. Let me tell you what he looks like. First of all and ____________. handsome _________ straight He has brown He is very tall and _________. glasses He usually hair and he doesn’t wear_________. wears jeans , a T-shirt and sports _________. shoes I like him because he is really cool and fun, and he is a good at soccer.

My best friend is Xiu Wei. She is of medium height and she is thin. She has long straight hair. She wears glasses, but not all the time. She only wears them to read. She likes to wear skirts and dresses to school, but she usually wears T-shirts and shorts on weekends. We like the same music and movies. I like her because she listens to me and we have fun talking together.


heavy, of medium build

short, curly, straight

beautiful, handsome, cute, good-looking

My father is tall. He’s of medium build. He has short straight hair. He has small eyes and a big mouth. He always wears a blue jacket and black trousers. He wears a pair of glasses.

1. The boy _____ D black hair _____ a blue coat. A. has, has B. with, in C. has, wears

D. with, wears
2. People like wearing _____ C in sunny days. A. a glass B. glass C. glasses D. The glass

3. -- What does your friend look like? A -- _________. A. He is thin B. She is a kind girl

C. She likes music D. She has good-looking
4. -- Lucy doesn’t have curly hair. D -- Yes, we can say she has _______hair. A. bald B. blonde C. short D. straight

5. --Which is your teacher?
--The one ________ thick glasses is. C

A. wears B. wear C. with D. has
6. --Is Miss Gao tall?

--No, she isn’t tall, and she isn’t short, too.
A She is _________ .

A. of medium height B. of medium build
C. a little heavy D. thin

7. --Who is in the classroom now? -- ________. All the students are on the C

A. Someone B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Mary

8. --Tom is not very heavy.
D heavy. --Yes, I think we can say he is ______

A. a little B. a bit C. a

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