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七年级新目标(下) Unit4 单元测试

Name: 学号 得分:


1.--__________ – I’m a reporter.

A. What do you do? B. Who are you? C. What are you? D. Both A and C.

2. ______ does your father work? --- In a bank.

A. What B .How C. Where D. Which

3. The beautiful girl _______ a red skirt every day.

A. wear B. to wear C. wears D. wearing

4. My parents want me ____ a bank clerk.

A. am B. to be C. to do D. be

5. ____ do you often work very late?

A. Do B. Does C. Are D. Why

6. Mr. Green is ill in ____hospital. He can’t come here today.

A. the B. a C./ D. an

7.We can’t see the moon(月亮) _______.

A. at night B. in the day C. all day D. in night

8. I like to_______ with my friends.

A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk

9. He wants to be an actor________it’s an exciting job.

A. and B. so C. because D. why

10.Our school is ________children _______6-12.

A. in, for B. for, in C. of, for D. for, of

11.Does Mr. White __________ in Beijing?

A. likes working B. likes work C. like working D. like work

12. My aunt works _____________ a newspaper _____________ a reporter.

A. as, for B. for, as C. with, for D. for, with

13. If you want to be a waiter, please call Karen __________ 555-3937.

A .at B. with C. for D. on

14.What _____ he want to do ? He _____ to eat something .

A. does ,wants B. do, want C. does , want D. do, wants

15.Mr Black is a doctor . He works ____

A. difficult B. interesting C. hard D. careful

16.__________ work with money and people.

A. Teachers B. Bank clerks C. Policemen D. Workers

17. As a bank clerk, people give____their money or get their money from____.

A. me, I B. I, me C. I, I D. me, me

18. Does your mother like

A. write story B. to write story C. writing story D. writing stories

19. Children always have many new things A. learn B:learning C. to learn D. learn about

work to do.

A. many B. a lot C. a few D. lots of

21.Mary wants ____ a nurse when she grows up(长大)

A. is B. be C. to be D. to is

22. Linda wants me to help her find____.

A. interesting job B. an interesting job C. an interesting work D. a interesting work

23. How many____ are there in the picture?

A. hospital B. people C. meat D. girl

24. ---Can you give ____ the dictionary? ---Sure. A. his B. him C. she D. my 1

25. My father is always busy his work.

A. do B. with C. to do D. at

26. ---What’s his sister’s job?---She is ____.

A. well B. here C. my friend D. a shop assistant

27. --- What does your mother do?---____. A .She’s very well

B. She likes talking to people C. She works in a school D. She is a policewoman

28.You can call Mr. Wu____ 8788652 if you want a job ____ a waiter.

A. at, for B. to ,of C. on. as D. at, as

29. My job is always giving people their money or getting money from them. I dislike

it because it’s not ____.

A. lazy B. safe C. boring D. interesting

30. We have a job for you ____an actor.

A. as B. be C. like D. with

二、完形填空 (10分)

in the same school. I’m in Grade Three, but work ( ) 1. A. we B. us C. me D. I

( ) 2. A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 3. A. teacher B. worker C. driver D. farmer

( ) 4. A. young B. new C. old D. long

( ) 5. A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) 6. A. I’m B. they’re C. we’re D. she’s

( ) 7. A. on B. about C. of D. at

( ) 8. A. write B. do C. make D. study

( ) 9. A. Fridays B. Thursdays C. Mondays D. Sundays

( ) 10. A. easy B. hard C. heavy D. light

三. 阅读理解(10分)


We are a bilingual(双语) school for children of 6-15. We want a cook, a library



( )1. Which of the following can’t go to Sunny School?

A. A four-year-old child B. A ten-year-old child

C .An eleven-year-old child D. A fifteen-year-old child

( ) 2.Who is not wanted by Sunny School?

A. A cook B . A headmaster C. A library assistant D . A sports coach

( 能) speak English?

A. The language teacher B .The library assistant

C. The cook D. The sports coach

( ) 4. The coach must major in _________.

A. Chinese B .English C. physical education D. language

( ) 5. Which is right?

A. The teacher can only teach Chinese.

B. A twenty-five-year old cook can’t work in the school.

C. The library assistant must be careful.

D. A teacher must be strong.


1. Susan is a reporter. She works for a m__________.

2. Karen’s aunt works at a TV s_______. She is a reporter.

3. Mr. Brown likes reading n__________ after dinner.

4. Dr. John needs an a_________ to help him with his work.

5. My brother is a bank c_______. He works in a bank.

6. She has no m__________ with him, so she can’t buy her mother a sweater.

7. Mrs. Smith is a nurse. She works in a h_________.

8. I’9. The girl is only five years old. She is very y_______.

10. Sometimes Alan has lunch in a r______________.


11. I want to be an _________(act) 12. I think_________(thief) don’t like policemen.

13. There are many_________(policeman) in the street.

14. Tigers and lions are ____________(danger) animals.

15. My grandmother often tells me _________(story).

16. Mr. Black has two _________(child)

17. Our math teacher_______(teach) us very well.

18. She is a ___________(waiter).

19. He has a lot of ____________(money), but he doesn’t have many friends.

20. He is a reporter, and he likes ____________(talk) to people.

六、 按括号内的要求补全句子。(10分)

1. What is your brother ? (改为同义句) What _____ your brother _______ ?

2. 对划线部分提问)


______ _____ your sister want to _____ ?

3. 对划线部分提问)_____ _____ his uncle _____ ?

4. My father works in the bank (改否定句) My father _____ _____ in the bank .


1. 人们把他们的钱给我或者从我这里取钱。

People _______ ______ money to me or_____ their money _____from me.

2. 他非常喜欢为杂志社工作。

He likes to _______ _______ a _________ very much.

3. 我想要招聘一个老师教他们音乐。

I ______ a teacher to ______ _______ _______.

4. 小偷不喜欢我。

________ don’t like_________.

5. 我每天见有趣的人并且问他们问题。

I meet ____________ __________ every day and ask ________ _____________.

6. 你喜欢工作到很晚吗?_______ you like to ________ ___________?












7.hospital8.busy9.young10.restaurant V.11.actor12.thieves





20.to talk/talking


2.What does, be

3.Where does, work

4.doesn’t work

VII.1.give their,get,

2.work for,magazine

3.want,teach them music 4.Thieves,me

5.interesting people,them questions

6.Do, work late


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