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unit9 What does he look like Section A 2a-2d

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2014年春(四清导航人教版) 七年级英语
Unit 9 What does he look like? Section A 2a-2d

一、核心词汇。 1.今晚tonight 2.小的little 3.电影院cinema 4.以后later 二、核心词组。 5.一点;少量a_little 6.戴眼镜wear_glasses 三、核心句型。 7.萨莉长着长发还是短发? Does_Sally_have_long_or_short_hair? 8.今晚你准备去看电影吗? Are_you_going_to_the_movie_tonight? 9.我可能会迟到一点。 I_may_be_a_little_late. 10.他既不高也不矮。 He_isn't_tall_or_short.

四、根据句意及提示写单词。 11.She wants to buy a pair of glasses(眼镜). 12.There is a(n)cinema(电影院)in front of the supermarket. 13 . Can you come to my birthday party tonight(今晚)? 14.My little(小的)brother likes dogs. 15 . Three days later( 以后 )they got to a small village.

五、单项选择。 16.He's short,and looks A thin. A.a little B.a little of C.lot of D.little

17.My cousin Lisa A thin and she ________ long hair.
A.is,has B.has,is —D. A.Yes,she does B.No,he doesn't —Yes,I am. A.Does,go B.Do,go C.Are,going D.Are,go C.Yes,he does D.He has curly hair 19.—C you ________ to the library tonight? C.is,is D.has,with 18.—Does your brother have curly or straight hair?

20.Harry Potter is very cool,he often B. A.has glasses B.wears glasses C.has glass D.wears glass

一、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.Are_you going (go) to the supermarket with me tonight? 2.Does_she have(have)long straight hair? 3 . Tom is thin and he is of medium height(high). 4.The man always wears glasses (glass). 5 . Wang Lin doesn't_have(not have) curly brown hair.

二、根据汉语意思完成句子。 6.这个男孩有点儿懒。我不喜欢他。 The boy is a little lazy.I don't like him. 7.你上学是骑自行车还是乘公共汽车? Do_you go to school by like or_by bus? 8.范冰冰留着直发,确实非常漂亮。 Fan Bingbing has straight hair,and she is really beautiful. 9.我留着黑而短的头发。 I have short black_ hair. 10.那个人看上去像个邮递员。 That person looks like a postman.

三、从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话。(其中有两项多余) A:Hello,Bill.Do you have time now? B:Yes.I'm watching TV. A:11.E_I'm very busy now. B:Sure.12.B A:He's tall and thin.He has short hair. B:13.F A:He arrives at the bus stop at 4:30. B:14.C A:His name is Jim Black. B:OK.(Ten minutes later) A:Excuse me.Are you Mr.Black? C:Yes,I am. B:15.G_Tom's friend.Nice to meet you. C:Nice to meet you,too. A.What does he like? B.What does he look like? C.What's his name? D.What's your name? E.Can you help me meet my friend? F.When does he arrive? G.I'm Bill.

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